Review – A Cheat /Fraud ? (An Update)

63 is one site which has been put lot many times in our sale alert.No doubt they do come with some good brands and products.Before shopping from them I was being told that the company is dependant on the third party for their  products therefore take months in delivering the product.I don’t mind waiting for my order if they offer me what they show and pricing is right.

First time I ordered a cushion cover and few other thing which was delivered after a month long wait.Quality of the cushion was good but to my surprise the zip was broken.I didn’t bothered to get back to them instead got it repaired thinking it might be one of the case.

Second time I ordered Lock & Lock products which took them almost one and half month or even two months in delivery(I don’t remember the exact time now) and when I opened one of the tiffen box was broken.I really got pissed but as I had made a huge order (3-4k ) of which had some 10-12 lock and lock boxes . Still!  I took that lightly too and decided that I will be carefull next time. experience+

Before placing Lock and lock order I had made below order also which I completely forget about.I shop from so many sites every now and then that it completely skipped from my mind.One day I receieved my pendant and brooch and then I realised that I had placed an order from  them.

They had charged me shipping for it and told me that part of my order which was M&S Coconut milk costing INR 600 will be delievered after wards and no extra shipping will be charged.You can see below that I placed my order on 17th December 2011 and it got delievered after my third order that too in parts and I am still waiting for my body lotion delievery. experience+online shopping experience


I have mailed them thrice and havent’ received even a single response from them about it.Also, I called customer care number of time  where half of the time they don’t pick the call and when one person by mistake  did  assured me that he is going to give me a print out.Print Out ? What print out .I thought they will credit the money to my brandmile account which has never happened till date(I called them two -three weeks back.)I again mailed them and still there is no response.

I feel cheated and duped because every time I have placed an order from them there was some or the other problem in the order.The pendant which is shown in the picture on the site  is not the same what is sent to me and what more they don’t even complete the order for months and sometime just skip sending the order.

After three months of wait I have lost hope and I am not going to mail or call them again  but surely will never be recommended by Wise She to any of its reader.It’s the worst site experience I ever had with any of the online  site of India.


    • they can put as many offer as they want because they complete the offer as per their will Sandhya :P..the discount which they give is from the customer money i guess whom they haven’t delivered the product.

  1. Sandhya! i did see their colorbar order but i am waiting for my order since 4month that too without any customer support and now i have lost hope.feel cheated so badly.

    • Ana, this is more than just cheating. Cheap people 😐 They rather not make money like this. You can actually file a complaint in the Consumer Forum or even drag them to court. Honestly you can, am sure there are laws for this.. Else you can put it on their website and spread the word.. Atleast ppl will be warned this way..

      • Sandhya for Rs600 i dont want to go the whole procedure.i hardly have any time and this thing creates more frustration. I waited long and wanted my readers to be aware of it and stay away from them.

      • thts so bad.. dere r so many sites sprouting nowadays wid gud service..wid such service nobody is gonna buy frm deir site :reallypissed:

        • yup! atleast good site don come up with crazy deals and the reason is that they take the responsibility of their customers unlike brandmile.

  2. How disgusting! I was a regular brandmile shopper until recently when I had to do multiple follow ups just to get the products in 2mts! But I never said anything coz I atleast got my products in gud shape..but so many negative incidents and broken prdts is horrible!!total waste of money and efforts!

      • True that! U know their internal courier told me they cant deliver any other time and to no other person and they will deliver it only at their convenience…I had to hear this after fashionandyou sent 2 wrong consignments on COD. i told them to take a hike….its better ana if you go for the COD..that way you wont lose money…

        • Why should i pay extra for COD Dimpy..its their fault if they can’t do the deleievery to us and especially when there r good sites which are giving free shipping i will prefer ignoring them.:)

  3. yup! when u told me that the product will be delayed i didn’t bothered but now when they send me products which are broken then also i gave them benefit o doubt but now its too much..they totally skipped my order

      • earlier when there was a review on medplus i had commented positively. after that in my second order i received a product that is almost 2yrs old. even if it is well within the expiry date, yet as a buyer I felt cheated about the discount.

        now regarding fashion and you they have a horrible dispatch service. my order was split into three parts and i recieved two parcels on two different weeks. but the third one never came. they assured me to send it well within time whenever i enquired. then suddenly one day they reimbursed the money citing the cancellation. thank God aleast they didn’t make me run around for reimbursement

  4. I am really shocked after going through your experience, these people are really cheat ! I mean waiting is sometimes fine, but after waiting you get duped hurts a lot! 🙁 I was duped by fashion and you once ! 🙁

  5. Oh Sorry about that..A! And thanks for enlightening us on the cheats.. I am so not going on that website now…! :loser: :sweat:

  6. Thanks for this post Anamika. I have been looking quite frequently into Brandmile and had been planning to make purchases as the deals seemed good.
    But after your experience……no way. I too do a lot of online shopping and at times you get bad stuff which is acceptable as long as the customer care is responsive and effective.

    • Pleasure Prerana..i was getting broken products but i have a habit of giving benefit of doubt..but now this time they over did it.

      • remember I told you they often mentioned leatherette as leather and the pictures of products were also misleading. 🙁
        Brandmile is what F&Y use to be in the beginning but in some ways it is worse, luckily I havent had any issues with any of my F&Y orders in last few months.

        • Nirah..i am scared to shop from Fashion and you.One can be a victim any time so it is better to stay away from them..and yes i do remember how they dupe customer with their leatherette thingy…but till that time my damage was done :((

  7. Thank God i did not try my hands on Brandmile. most of the ecommerce sites are like that…in the line stands Snapdeal (horrible and pathetic service), next in the queque is Fashion & You…the much hyped ecommerce site.

  8. same experience with Fashion and You. I order a pen drive. At first it was really priced high but still I wanted it because of the looks. Luckily I saved the page as those will not be available later on. To my horror they delivered after 4 weeks and were very proud to mention that this is their usual time to deliver!
    I order so much from online that if it was not for looks I would have forgotten about it. Interestingly when I recieved it after waiting so much – it was not even 10% of what it looked :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: or in fact of the same material that was mentioned :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: …as I had the page of website saved they agreed to refund the complete money! :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy:

    Tip – always save the page of offer. 😉 😉 😉

  9. hey ani thanx for sharing it…
    u knw i just read somewhere that body lotions (moisturizer) are good for frizzy hair….is it true???????

  10. Good u posted this.. Saw so many complaints against this brandmile online..Waiting for sometime is okay but giving you broken and damaged products is a complete no no..The dont have courtesy to refund money also.yuck yuck..Horrible people. :reallyangry: :hammer:

    I ordered only twice from F and Y..I had to wait for some time but the things were intact…everyone knows that F and Y has horrible service.But they managed to buy bloggers who is now singing praises for them, the same people who were cursing F and Y.. so funny…Do not buy imported products from F and Y whatsoever..So many had bad experience. :pissedoff:
    Snapdeal, UT, vasustore, all good..
    Best one is Flipkart..bought so many times…I once bought a headphone from them and the sound quality was less I informed them and they immediately refunded it..And the delivery is superfast..
    Ana write down all your online orders in notepad so that you dont forget it..

  11. thank you so much ana for posting this … and i have always appreciated your honest opinion for your experience rather then changing in different situations 😀
    they should learn a lesson with this i hope :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

  12. Thanks Anamika for letting know of such fraud sites ,i m new into online shopping i have shopped from and medplus beauty .The shahnaz hussain cream that i ordered from medplus was very well within mfg date now have ordered 2 faces lipsticks hope they send gud stuff ,now i have to think twice before ordering after reading ur article

    • stylecraze , urbantouch,, viloletbag, medplusbeauty etc are reliable sites indra… i have shopped n number of times frm each of them… recently medplusbeauty has become my fav.. its a grt site .,, goodlife are also good sites. I have shopped from them too… 🙂

  13. though i am an online shoppaholic, i never purchased from fnu and brandmile. Thank God for dat..
    I have posted this link in their wall.. but probably they will delete it.. but still it may help a few 🙂

  14. even I have had similar experiences Ana… they sent me the wrong sized tunics once.. no response later… i think i have to shed pounds to wear those now 😉

    i would call them ‘snail’mile… and yes seriously have decided to stop shopping wit them…

    this post of urs is a great eye-opener to many and would be a good warning to them.. post this in their FB page too….

  15. I have received broken forever21 bracelet and leather belts in some bad shape, in my first order from brandmile :(, altough rest experiences have been a bit better, but overall I avoid them.

    • Oh god…why do they send these bad and broken and horrible stuff.. :pissedoff: .If you go read reviews about brandmile.. your eyes will pop.. its so bad..

      • Initially I had issues with FnU customer service also, but over the time it has improved, I got my stuff on time and in good shape. with brandmile I don’t want to gamble again 🙁

  16. I had ordered a coach purse from the site and that too had a faulty zipper and black marks all over the purse. Enough to put me off that site forever.

  17. It was very kind of u Ana abt enlightening us sgainst these crooks.. disgusting pathetic worms they are.

    Thank God I never shopped with them and will never even think of in future thanx to u:)

  18. My favourites are medplusbeauty, healthkart, flipkart and letsbuy. Excellent service and delivery. Medplusbeauty and letsbuy have good discounts too…

  19. Had worst experience with fashion and you. they cancelled my order without any notification. then i’ve never bothered to order.
    I had shopped from shoppersstop as well. products were in superb condition..but took almost 10 days to get it in my hands

  20. I’m surprised that you stayed quite this long, even with all those damaged products..

    I’m as it is very wary of shopping online, this just gets added to my list of places to avoid.. Thanks for the article dear, I’m sure you saved a lot of girls frm the same, sad experience 🙂

  21. Hi ana..even i had similar bad experience with FnU..These days my cosmetics destination is stylecraze..They have very prompt and friendly customer service..luving it :tap-dance:


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