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Hi All!!

You how we always tend to inherit one or more physical attributes from our parents? And don’t we all want all the best attributes?? My brother has a mole similar to my dad and a dimple like my mom. I hoped I’d get my moms figure or my dads fab metabolism….But instead I got 2 things.. a beauty spot on my lip from my dad (which I do like) and Gorilla Hair too!!!

I’ve been battling with extensive hair growth which is so NOT fun. To boot, my hair grows upwards instead of sideways like most peoples. This is worse because then even mild hair growth results in a pokey feel and looks pretty bad. I’ve always alternated between waxing and using an epilating. I’ve used Panasonic, removal pads and Philips epilators in the past and although the Panasonic one was quite nice, it conked offin November much to my grief. I had always wanted a Braun epilator since theirs are quite popular and had received rave reviews. So after some research and deliberation, I got this Braun epilator from Flipkart last December on discount. I believe it was the Xmas & New year discount that was going on then…

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ epilator

About Braun 5280 Xelle Epilator:-

The Braun 5280 Xelle is a ladies’ epilator designed for perfect epilating results in minutes. This Braun epilator keeps your skin smooth and hair-free for weeks. The 5280 Xelle is a dry epilator which carefully pulls out your hair on your legs and arms. The Braun Xelle epilator comes with a shaving head attachment to give you a smooth and silky skin after every shave.

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ braun 5280 review

  • Comfort: The dual massage system on this Braun Xelle epilator gently activates the skin for epilation to minimize the pulling sensation. The soft lift system of the Braun ladies’ epilator lifts even the shortest hair that is lying flat at the roots and guides them to the tweezers. The speed personalization of the Xelle ladies’ epilator allows you to select among the two speed settings. The first speed is for the extra gentle epilation and the second speed is for removing thick hair with extra efficiency. The ice gloves that come with this Xelle ladies’ epilator will help in soothing your skin after epilation.
  • Body: The body of the Xelle epilator has curvy edges and fits easily in your hand. The ergonomic grip of this Braun epilator gives you a comfortable epilation. The efficiency pro-cap of this ladies’ epilator is a protection cap to cover the epilation head and prevent it from damages. You can easily dust the hair off the epilation head using the cleaning brush given with this Braun Xelle epilator.


Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ braun 5280 review + braun epilator 5280


  • Corded Epilator
  •  Shaver Head
  • Tweezer Blades
  •  2 Speed Settings
  •  Cleaning with Brush
  • Active Massaging Rollers
  •  40 Tweezers

Price: INR 4545..You can purchase from here

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ braun 5280+ epilator

My experience with About Braun 5280 Xelle Epilator:-


I LOVE THIS EPILATOR!!! It’s hands down the best I’ve had till date and I don’t think I’ll ever want to buy another one ever! I have a lot of body hair and I ain’t exaggerating..The growth is so thick and my skin so sensitive that a lot of the times while waxing, my skin either breaks or my pores bleed a bit…I’s not a pretty picture. But ever since I’ve started using this epilator I can say bye bye to all these problems 🙂

  • Technicalities: This epilator comes with 2 heads.i.e for epilation and one shaver head. Both are sturdy and fit into the slot firmly without moving around. It also runs on electricity which I like because it ensures that the machine won’t get sluggish as the battery power decreases.
  • Does it Hurt? : Now for the pain factor. The Philips Satinelle epilator was reviewed on WiseShe here by Shivani, wherein Jaspreet explained that epilation should be done when the hair is not longer than 1.5cm. To be honest I always thought that epilation works better if the hair is at its longest. Turns out the opposite is true and I used this  on my legs exactly that way and Voila! It worked! I’ll admit the first time hurt a bit (actually it was like a pinch) since the hair was thicker. But after about 3 uses the hair has thinned out and it really doesn’t hurt after the initial 4-5secs. It does hurt a bit more when I use it in the underarm area but again its just minimal pain. Also, for those with super sensi skin like me, the cool pack is really helpful. I keep it in the freezer for just 5-10mins before epilating and then press it on the affected skin while epilating.

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ braun 5280 review + braun products

  • How long do the effects last?: When I used to wax, I’d only get a respite of 4days max before the hair would start growing again. But with this epilator It’s a full 9-10 day before any hair shows up. I epilate once in 3 weeks now since the growth length reaches 1.5cm by then. Additionally, hair growth has decreased a lot. There are ceratin areas on my arms and leg where hairgowth has completely stopped. Cool right?!?!
  • Ingrowth Problems : I have never had any ingrowth problems with epilators. Not even my previous ones. In my case, ingrowth occurs only if I use the shaver head.

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ hair removal+ braun 5280 review

  • How is it different from other epilators: The number of tweezers…it’s true. The normal epilator we use have a max of 20 tweezers. This means that it takes a tad bit longer for complete and thorough  hair removal. This epilator has 40 tweezers which ever the same patch of skin ensures super fast epilation. I don’t have to pass the epilator over the same patch of skin more than twice…3 times max on tougher areas.
  • Can it be used in sensitive areas? The only sensitive area I’ve used this on is my underarms. I wouldn’t advice using this anywhere else 🙂 🙂

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ braun 5280 review + hair removal

All in all I’m amazed by this product and am thankful I got it sooner and even more thankful I got it on discount (which is why I gathered the guts in the first place). It comes with a 1yr warranty period which is extendable asl well although I hope I never have need of it. So girls? Whatcha waiting for?? Get this fasssttt!!!

Pros of About Braun 5280 Xelle Epilator:-

  • The 40 tweezers ensure quick and thorough removal
  • The hair is epilated by the root
  • I haven’t had any problems with in-growth
  • Has a pouch which is travel friendly
  • Not too heavy
  • Comes with a cool pack which does help soothe and angry bumps
  • Sturdy built
  • I like the fact that it runs on electricity. I’ve always had a problem with battery operated ones since once the battery starts dying out the machine also works sluggishly.
  • Easily available on Flipkart as well.

Braun silk epil5 epilator review+ braun 5280 review + epilator

Cons of About Braun 5280 Xelle Epilator:-

  • Some may prefer a battery operated epilator but thats just a personal preference

Have you tried  Braun 5280 Xelle Epilator?


  • Ease of Operation: 4.5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Utility: 5/5
  • Accessories & Attachments: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5

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  1. ok u have conviced me dis is a god sent product for gorillas lyk us.. i need dis in life 😀 kyun bhagu saar pe bal diye the na body pe dene ki kya zaroot thi 😥 nice detailed review janu ..need to save n get dis asap :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  2. bhabs i’m so getting it this year :yippee: :dance-left-right: :yippee: :dance-left-right: moring :lipstick: i’m still h aving ur vanity hangover :drunk: :beer: i keep going back :rotfl: :yippee:

    • thanx pookhie…i wanted to give as many details as possible…something like a one stop for data about this epilator 🙂

      i hate going for waxing….its necessary but the entire process is so icky….i prefer epilating once a fortnight or once in 3weeks a much bettr option 🙂

  3. Is it Still Available..Zee?? I have to have BUY this! Coz Even i have thick thick Hair and yea Just not on my head but everywhere! 😛 Thanks to my SUPERFAST HAIRGROWTH genes or whateva it is! :clap:

    And m sooo glad I don have to go waxing coz i really m tired runing to parlor every now n then! I want this like ASAP! 😀 :yes: Great review…Zee! :hug-makeup: :-* 😉 :highfive:

    • yep, its still available ric….pick it up phasht phasht….its become my lifesaver…..i have nt gone for waxing since Dec since i got it….God bless the man/woman who invented epilators!!

  4. One thing my mom told her clients who came for their waxing was first exfloliate the night before and come only a week after your periods. Exfoliating brings the ingrowths up and loosens them and waxing after your periods ensures that the hair doesnt cling too tight to the root. It is at its loosest at that time. The same for epilating. plan to epilate a week arfter your period and see the difference.

  5. wow this one is expensive but totally worth it! will def this one in mind when i am on a look out for an epilator! thanks for the review neighbor! 😀

  6. thanks erica. actually my mom ran her own salon but specialised in hair cuts. She told me to learn cause all i needed then would be a pair of scissors and a comb and I could establish my self anytime anywhere. I didnt take her advise but all the stuff she did kinda registered in my brain and ever since i started posting for wiseshe…well its all coming back…..who would have thought at that time that the cosmetics industry would grow so much !

  7. “I like the fact that it runs on electricity. I’ve always had a problem with battery operated ones since once the battery starts dying out the machine also works sluggishly.”

    exactly my reason fr giving up on epilators 😛

    but this is definitely a must have 🙂

    • precisely…when the battery used t get over it used to get slow and hurt like freaking hell! this atleast ensures that the hair comes out quick by the root…no tearing and intense pain 🙂

  8. so true mokp…the pain is startling only the first couple of times..aftrer that the hair growth is so thin that it really doesnt hurt much….and the underarm hair removal is also a piece of cake 🙂 i luv thiss!!!! 🙂

  9. Oh sandhya you said what was in my heart too. Wish that thick hair was on our heads!!!! Actually waxing is the best even for a thick growth. no doubt u may have to go to the parlour often but u see when waxing a thick growth, the wax should be applied in small areas say like a 4 x 2 (l x b) inch patch and pull close to the skin while holding the skin TAUTLY around the area you are waxing.

    Another tip….they tell us that shaving causes black underarms well even waxing will do the same thing if its HOT !!!! thats the MAJOR reason why underarms discolour even though we ONLY we wax…..So wax your underarms with cold wax always. young girls who start with cold wax will have under arms that will never discolour!!!!

  10. Zaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it is alwayssss delight to read your review and when i know am going to buy it ( i ensure first with ratings .. thank you ana it is very easy baby ) i read it with ease …. takes time …
    thank you so much for sharing this and am getting this for sure …. but you have to tell me the best offer haan ?? :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: thank you so much once again for sharing this dear …
    and for making hubs pocket light ( mere hubby kee i mean ) :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  11. the cool pack is a grand thing – use it for puffy tired eyes as well….and if u suffer from migraines and headaches…a few drop of peppermint oil on the cold pack, keep it on ure head and fall asleep…..ure headache will go for a longggg walk !!!

  12. Hi Zee.. thanks for the review. Does it come with underarms cap and facial cap? Becoz in the pic they r not checked. I have facial hair so waxing and threading are painful for me on the face. So im curious to know whether this has facial epilating feature. Plz let me know


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