BRAUN Silk & Soft Shaver & Trimmer Review


BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer


Hi girls,

Today I will be reviewing something really useful from my collection. It is called the Braun Silk&Soft lady shaver (product code: LS 5160). Before buying this I had done a lot of research and only then went ahead to get this for myself. I needed a shaver for an occasional shaving for the body, when I really don’t have any time for waxing. Let us see how this one fares:


BRAUN Shaver & Trimmer


Description about BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer:

Extra close with Body Adjust System Braun Silk & Soft Shaver & Trimmer offers you extra close shaving for total body. Its smooth rounded gliding head is specially designed for the contours of the female body. The combination of a floating foil and long hair trimmer system guarantees extra close shaving results. You can shave your legs and even sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line quickly and conveniently.


BRAUN Shaver Trimmer


Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer Highlights:

  • Extra close shaving:

The floating foil hugs the skin to adjust to body contours and adapts to the shaver´s movements to stay perfectly in contact with the skin all the time.

  •   Glides gently:

The EasyGlide cushion ensures smoother gliding and less irritation. A honeycomb structure smoothes out the skin for perfect gliding.

  • Perfect for underarms:

The rounded shaver head with its elevated foil and the slightly rounded shape of the long hair trimmer ensures perfect reach even in concave body areas

  • Perfect for bikini line:

The extended long hair trimmer offers easy trimming and optimal visibility. It is fixable for precise styling. The additional Opti Trim attachment shortens hair and turns the Silk & Soft Body Shave into a bikini line trimmer.

My take on BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer :

I needed a shaver for emergencies, bikini line, underarms. I did not want an epilator, as it would if I had to shave the bikini area. I did lot of study, did video research etc and found that this Braun silk and soft lady shaver will be suitable for my needs.


BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver


I was a bit scared of epilators since, I got to know that they cause pain. I thought of keeping this shaver has a last option when I don’t have time for waxing. I regularly use this for shaving bikini line and area. This is a wonderful product, I have been using it over an year now. However, I do not really use the many attachments provided with this product :p as I do not understand the purpose and the utility. I use the shaver attachment and the cleaning brush. The best thing about this is that it can be used both on dry skin as well as wet skin. I just stretch the skin a bit and press the shave button. The shaver does its job pretty well. Especially if you are looking for a safe shaver for the bikini line, you must opt for this.

The shaver can even be washed clean saving the battery area, I although usually brush the extra hair off. Trust me, even the smallest of smallest hair is shaved off. The shaver also has a trim facility, which can be use just to trim hair.


BRAUN lady Shaver

BRAUN Silk&Soft Trimmer


One thing I noticed, whenever I shave, I usually get red skin. But it goes away in a while. It does not cause any sensitivity or rashes.  Of course it goes without saying, one should always keep their personal shavers and not share with any one 😀


BRAUN Shaver attachments


Thus, if you are looking for a bikini area shaver this is perfect. Or if you consider waxing a tedious painful process, then you can use this. But nothing can beat the benefits of waxing, with the shaver, the hair growth is rather quick and a little sharp initially till it grows long.

What I like about BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer:

  • Safe shaver for the bikini line,
  • Variety of attachments, which I don’t really use 😛
  • Easily available,
  • Runs on battery, no charge required. (2 AA battery required)
  • Can be used both on dry and wet skin,
  • No pain while shaving,
  • Washable,
  • Easy to hold, the grip is for the hand,
  • Attractive colors available,
  • Good alternative for waxing,
  • Easy to carry while travelling.

What I don’t like about BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer:

  • Expensive,
  • Do not find the attachments so useful.

Wiseshe rating: 4.75/5

Have you tried BRAUN Silk&Soft Shaver & Trimmer ?

P.S – If you think epilator is not for you then you must read  Anamika’s post on Top 10 Reason To Love Epilator

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