Bridal beauty regime before wedding week 3


Wedding is once in a life time affair so one should start preparing for it at least four weeks before.

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In the third week when the countdown has begun a bride should get well prepared for it. To maintain your natural beauty follow these remedies in the third week.

1. Massage-Massage the whole body with olive oil .This oil relaxes your body. Beside this take equal quantity of honey and milk and apply it on whole body. Both milk and honey gives glow to your body. If one has dry skin then honey, curd and rose essence (gulab jal) should be used.

2. Hands and feet care-Don’t forget to use hand and foot moisturizer twice a day.

3. Diet-This week include porridge, dal and nuts in your diet. Soak five almonds overnight and peel off its skin and have it in morning every day. Drink saffron milk as this provides nutrition to skin.

4. Meditation-Do yoga and breathing exercises. This will give you inner peace and will calm you up. You will enjoy your marriage to the fullest.

5. Glowing skin-This week get silver facial done. This will give a unique and a phenomenal glow and brightness to your skin.

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