Bridal beauty regime for Indian bride.(1st week part 1b)

Below is Bridal beauty regime part 2 of 1st week.To read part 1(a) click here.

Body scrub– Use body scrub once a week.You can make scrub at home only.Take 1tbsp chandan powder,1tbsp fuller earth(multani mitti) ,curd and make a paste of it.Apply it on whole of your body for 10 minutes.Rinse it off with water.For dry and life less skin take papaya pulp and add 2tsp of glycerin in it and massage it on your body for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water.

Dry skin-To remove dead skin exfoliation is necessary. Use a product which has alpha hydroxy acid in it. This acid makes skin shiny and beautiful. After this use moisturizer which has vitamin E in it.

Dark circles– Use cream which has vitamin C or alpha hydroxy acid .

Hand and foot care-Take foot spa to remove dead skin .You can also use paraffin wax pedicure .To know about it click here.This pedicure makes your feet beautiful and soft.Cracked heels get heeled by this pedicure.File your nail after the pedicure.Apply transparent nail polish on your nails.You can also mix wax in a foot pack and apply on your foot.

-Massage your nails with olive oil.Dip your nails into warm olive oil and with the help of a nail filer you can push your cuticles .Get your nail strengthened and conditioned 10 weeks before and get your hands and feet moisturized .

Diet-Mix 1tsp of honey and lemon juice in warm water and drink it in the morning empty stomach. If possible take fruits and vegetables at night and skip your dinner or have early dinner. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day and leave non veg completely.

Mediation-Every bride gets nervous before her marriage. To keep yourself calm and happy start doing mediation. Take 7-8 hours of sleep and give your self-rest too.

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