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Razi asks,

“I have seen girls wearing chura (wedding chura/bridal chura).We don’t have the tradition here, but the concept always amazed meso i would love to know some particulars.”

  • Importance of wearing chura (cultural/ traditional)?
  • Who gets them/buys them in the wedding (the bride/ Bride’s mother/uncle/groom)?
  • What’s the right time to wear them?
  • Do you have to wear them for ever?
  • How long do you have to wear them? (a year or more)
  • Did you enjoy wearing chura?
  • Do you still have those bangles/What did you do to those bangles after wards?

Thanks in advance to all.

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  1. uhm! forgot to ask about the importance of chura to my mom!!
    but all i know that the MAAMA JI! (mother brother khi khi) buys it..
    or he gives the money to bride to choose her fav chura… (thats wat happens here in holland)

    The right time is in morning.. on ur wedding day!
    reason 1: if u wear it the day before ur wedding.. it wont be very comfortable sleeping wid it.. and a bride really needs to sleep well
    reason 2 : they do some Pooja before Maama of the bride puts chura on her hands..

    U dont have to wear them forever… dont know if they do in India.. but they dont here. caz brides want their chura to be as gud as new.. so she put it off.. and wear it on special occasions

    How long brides wear them.. :-s i have seen brides wearing chura for almost 3-4 years :O thats just too much! but i think its again the choice of bride 😛

    and for the last two question! :-s i am not married :-s 😛 😛
    so i dont have chura

    • lolz Candy its not in my tradition too but i too have seen my friend wearing chura till 2-3 years 😛 but in a way it is good because they want to fell special always 😛

      • i can understand..
        but i dont like when pplz start talking like.. oh look at that girl.. she is still wearing chura… shes married for 3 years bla bla!!
        i think its always better to avoid such talks..and not always be in the spotlight 😛

  2. Here the deal girl..

    Importance of wearing chura (cultural/ traditional)? – It is a sign of a married woman in the punjabi culture, much like the mangalsutra of others.

    Who gets them/buys them in the wedding (the bride/ Bride’s mother/uncle/groom)?.. The Mamaji buys them (the bride’s maternal uncle)

    What’s the right time to wear them? – you wear them on the morning of the wedding. Our weddings take place in the morning so you wear them when you get ready. The mamaji helps the bride wear them & they are washed in milk before.

    Do you have to wear them for ever? You have to wear them for 40 days compulsorily- you cannot remove them even for a min.. after that it is your choice.. I wore mines for 6 mnths. But you have to wear them continually when you do.. Once you remove them you can wear them only once again.. After that also if you remove them then you can’t wear them again..

    How long do you have to wear them? (a year or more) – 40 days is the minimum limit.. Max is up to you.

    Did you enjoy wearing chura? Ohhh yes! I loveed it.. But I got tired after 7-8 months so I removed them.

    Do you still have those bangles/What did you do to those bangles after wards? Yes, I do.. I tired them up with a thread & hanged them up in my cupboard.

    Source: Experience from my wedding 😀

    • hahah i liked the source 😛 i remember Shilpa Shetty wearing such an awesome looking chura in her looked fab

      • These days it has become a bit of a fashion.. Brides, esp from non-punju cultures wear it coz it looks good but they don’t follow tradition at all. They wear & remove it as their fancy :pain: But that is supposed to bring bad luck to the marriage. One shd not remove it before 40 days are over.. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to traditions. :P..

        • actually i felt the same..i got married into a punju family and i had not idea about it so i thought of avoiding it rather than just making fun of some religious sentiments.

        • i like when girls do everything tradionally!!

          but i dont agree with the bad luck thing!!
          these are things made up by elders .. rules that one should follow.. or else it will bring bad luck!

          • Candy u know when I got married my in laws took me to a temple first before welcoming me into their house..pandit there gave me a banana which got rotten when i was stepping out from the car .I took it as a bad omen .though thankfully my marriage is going pretty good but u start taking things that way when special things take place in life..

            for example my friend who never believed in those nazar thing started believing in it when she gave birth to a baby girl ..its all in the mind and depends upon the person how far he or she takes it.

            • true… its all wat u think will happen…!! caz when something special happens in life.. u want to do everything to avoid bad effects by pplz or objects 😛

              but one should not take it in extreme ways! as they say.. God ki marzi ke bina to patta bhi nai hilta… to kuch bura or acha kaise hoga 🙂 jo hoga unki marzi se hoga!!

    • seriously! :O 40 days without removing it… damn! i will die..! i cant even sleep wid a single braclet on my wrists..

      every bride here removes it the next day!! hihihi! and wear it if there are guests at home.. or if shes going somewhere :P…

      • It is supposed to bring bad luck if you remove it before 40 days.. But I rather wear this for 40 days than the mangalsutra or sindoor or that toe ring.. Those are for life :((.. I somehow can’t get myself to wear either of the 3.. 😉

    • so succinct! Love it!! now even I know all about it, such a quaint tradition..sounds wonderful! never knew about the 40 day thing!

    • hi,i would like to ask,what if the bride has no uncle? Then who gets it for her? And say her mom has passed away or something,then who gets her Choora?

  3. Its a tradition followed more by punjabis and sikhs….Two of my cousins got married into punjabi families and my dad bought churas for them.. :-)) :-)) I saw both of them wearing for about 11 months…Dont know much since I am not a punjabi myself.

  4. Importance of wearing chura (cultural/ traditional)? :- It denotes that a girl is married now :beauty:
    Who gets them/buys them in the wedding (the bride/ Bride’s mother/uncle/groom)? :- It’s tha mama ji (maternal uncle)who gets the chura for the bride, it’s like “shagun” which is auspicious :beauty:
    What’s the right time to wear them? :- Mostly wear them in the morning time after puja is and tradition is done “chura-chadhai” (means make bride wear the chura , signifying that she’s getting married) :blush:
    Do you have to wear them for ever? : It’s completely upto the bride how long she wants to wear the chura, but wear it constantly ( brides don’t even remove it for going for a shower :smirk: ) i’ve seen brides getting new chura’s again if they feel they’re previous one’s stones are missing :snicker:
    Did you enjoy wearing chura? :- i will definitely enjoy wearing chura :shy: :jittery:
    Do you still have those bangles/What did you do to those bangles after wards? :- some brides keep it as a priced possesions 😛

  5. Heyt Gals..i am not a punju but I still love the tradition so wore them right after my marriage since in my custom we hav t wear green bangles…i wore them the next day during puja and then wore them for about 2months b4 removing them after a small puja at home…my Punju friends actually guided me as to the proper procedure for this so that i wudnt invoke any bad omens…

  6. I m a fulltu punjabi and Oh I loved wearing chura….I wore mine for full one year and removed it on my first anniversary……I still have my chura intact wid me in it’s original box kept along with my bridal llehnga and Kalira..they are a very very special part of my beautiful wedding memories………

  7. Yes ana absolutely…….even I felt nostalgic……and chura really makes the new bride look special and it kinda makes her glow….

  8. But Zara dear u can’t wear them again…..once u remove it….u have to let it go….. I felt really sad wen I removed my chura

      • I wore my full chuda for 6 mnths after which I started to remove some of the bangles esp ones that didn’t have stones gradually.. I think I finally removed it entirely after 10-11 mnths & within a week I was regretting it :-(( I really miss wearing them sometimes.. You feel very dressy in them 😀

  9. it is lovely to read all the comments. I am a Tamilian, so we do not have this chura thingy. But it is customary to wear mangal sutra and toe rings. You cannot remove them. I do follow this. In our custom sindoor is not compulsory. But I find girls wearing them as a fashion these days. Removing mangal sutra and toe rings are supposed to bring bad luck to the hubbys. I do beleive in these senties. Some girls here wear the magalsutra and toerings for a year and then remove it.

    • Reddy chura means Bangles (chudi) the one we are referring here are the Bridal chura/bangles, usually red and white in color, just google it you will know better.

      • oh these are the bangles that my mom keeps talking about !! Thanks to Star plus serials 🙂 . where can i buy them for her ? the genuine ones ? or are they simply plastic ?? sorry. i really don’t know. not in my tradition 🙂

        • Reddy go to ebay and look for “bridal chura” you will get the listing, or if you are living in Hyderabad/Lucknow/Delhi go to the Bangle bazar (try your bargaining skills)you can easily find them.

  10. wow am i the last one to see this post, i was actually waiting for the answers.
    Thanks to Anamika ,Candy, Upasana,Tanveer, Prachi, Zara, Shilpa, and everybody else for the wonderful replies.

  11. I am not a punjabi, so never had Chura custom, but our place we have toe ring, sindoor and mangalsutra, but Its not strict and I dont follow any. But I never remove my Wedding ring… its precious to me :D, rest I just cannot sleep even with any jewelry on me 🙁

    But Chura definitely looks really classy and traditional and no doubt looks beautiful on a new bride 😛

    • some body has been too busy today 😛 Divya i too don’t follow any rules and regulation as i hate to sleep with any jewellery on but when ever i visit my home or inlaws i do wear few things to keep both moms happy 😛

    • Awww..thats mycase its compulsory t wear a bindi at my in laws…and i have the habit of rubbing my forehead …so i always tend to remove the bindi that way…so i hae t be conscious whenever my hand reaches up to my forehead.. 🙂 🙂

  12. my sat was so-so…relaxed alot…and enjoyed sleeping.. 🙂 🙂 chilling and wiseshe-ing..

    GMAT?? cool ya…when r u giving ur exams?

  13. No yaar their territory is balcony I suppose and I am too afraid to step a feet there 😛 but kept some poison… :bangbang:

    I am planning for mid September, haven’t taken a date yet.

  14. My 2 bits Razi… 🙂

    tanz has already answered a lot… am just adding on

    Importance of wearing chura (cultural/ traditional)? It is worn for everyone to know you are a new bride… a constant reminder for everyone around to make you comfortable in settling in a new home…. 🙂

    Who gets them/buys them in the wedding (the bride/ Bride’s mother/uncle/groom)? The maternal uncle buys it and the brides are not allowed to see it! I went to a shop with my aunt and saw the designs, chose one i liked and we walked off without buying. She bought is later without me…

    What’s the right time to wear them? On the morning of the wedding, the chuda chadai happens. It is customary for the maternal uncle and aunt to fast. The chuda is immersed in raw milk for purifying and then washed with water. The bride closes her eyes when the chuda is added to her wrists. It is then covered with cloth so that she can not see it till just before the ceremony. You can see it only after you are in your wedding attire 🙂

    Do you have to wear them for ever? 40 days it is… I wore mine for a year and a half

    How long do you have to wear them? (a year or more)

    Did you enjoy wearing chura? Oh I loved it 🙂 I travelled to Thailand on work after my wedding and its amazing how many international colleagues asked me about it

    Do you still have those bangles/What did you do to those bangles after wards? You are supposed to immerse them in water (a river or a lake) but I kept mine… i love it too musch to let it go

    • hi, i am a bengali gal…i wil have only registry marriage this year… and social marriage will b by next yr… my question is that, can i wear chura after my registry, or in the morning of my registry day? i love chura…nd want people to knw that i m married.. plz reply..

  15. hi frndz
    it ws so good to read ur reviews.i got married 2 months ago n yes d choora makes u feel so special i cant tell you.ppl cn recoognize dt u r newly m also facing sm problems wd d choora.when i tk bath m nt able to clean d inner skin prpperly n dt place under d choora smtimes remain wet also which causes a lot of irritation .bt i love wearint it n m loving it:):)

    • Hi Charu…i so agree wid u..i used t hav a prob especially wearing long sleeved tops and kurtis…used t get so frustrated…

      but as u said..loved wearing them..

  16. I am also Wearing A chudda Right now !!
    I love it!!
    Its been an year to my marriage but i am still wearing it and would like to wear it for more 3 years !!

    There is just one thing that i don’t like about it is…That It had caused rashes on my hands!!..I am allergic to artificial things..So that’s Why..But otherwise I love it !

  17. Wow….

    It was so nice reading all those chura stories and beliefs. I have always been intrigued by those beautiful bangles(esp the colour combi)and longed to get a set for myself. But then again, knew that it would be connected to some traditions and rituals…hence didnt feel like just buying and wearing them…But I do have a set of bangles in that colour combination which I bought just to satisfy the desire.

    Being born n brought up as a pucca Chennai girl, we consider the mangalsutra(plain gold chain with mangalsutra pendant)+toe ring as most important. But my hub’s tradition (Tulu Brahmin) requires me to wear black beads wallah mangalsutra :-))

  18. hi,I know its the maternal uncle who is suppose to buy it but if my mother doesnt have any brother or cousin who can buy it then??so it doesnt bring badluck and all??
    hoping to hear from you soon 🙂

  19. Well.. I got married in october.. so fcrs.. i still have a long way to go with my chura.. I just love it.. This is THE MOST wonderful part of the Newly-Wed experience as far as my attire is concerned. BUT… i have a question.. Though i plan to wear it for 1.25 yr .. is it possible that after the “baraahna” ceremony, i can get another set of chuda and wear it whenever i wish to!! 🙂 coz as far as i knw, you dont wear the same chuda agn.
    I got married in a non-punjabi family, and whereever i go, it just feels SO amazing, with everybdy gazing it n appreciating it n wishing if they cud wear it too… pleaseee tell me if i can wear another set of chuda..

  20. Hi! i got married almost a year back in a panjabi family, though i am not a panjabi. I am a very simple gurl and somehow don’t believe in all these wedding rituals…….like chura ceremony, mehndi, haldi. Ours was a love cum arrange marriage, so my mil wanted me to wear chura on wedding n told me that it can be taken off after 40 days. I also told my husband before the wedding that i don’t believe in putting sindoor n bindi and he was fine with it, though after wedding i use to put bindi only if was going to any of my husband’s relative’s place and used dress up traditionally(wear a saree). I am very upset now that my mil actually started making fuss of everything now. When i took off my chura after 40 days she she created a scene, when i used to dress up nicely for going out with the entire family she had problems with everything as i don’t like wearing bling sarees she wants me wear all that, even my sil used taunt me saying that she is much more educated than me still she can wear all that bling clothes, sindoor bindi, crappy gold jewellery. The irony is that she copies my dressing style, clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, makeup style, accessories, everything……she was getting married after my marriage. She copied my A-Z things even the parlour for bridal makeup. I have gone crazy……..things have gone out of control………now husband wants divorce 😥 I am so depressed now and just don’t to live now.

    • Hi Shruti,

      Initial hitch are a part of every marriage and it takes time for a girl to adjust into a new family .Similarly, inlaws also have expectations which can never be fulfilled. If there is love between u and yur husband then u should never leave him bec of yur inlaws…

      • Hey Anamika………even me and my parents think the same(Initial hitch are a part of every marriage and it takes time for a girl to adjust into a new family .Similarly, inlaws also have expectations which can never be fulfilled. If there is love between u and yur husband then u should never leave him bec of yur inlaws…) however my mil does not want this marriage to work at all….. so does my hubby, he says that there is love btwn us now. I am already living at my parents place as mil has created so much of scene.

  21. Ya…..wearing chura is superb experience….n v all gals loves to wear it……..but ….is there anybody who guide me about the removing custom of a chura….how should v remove it..some says to remove n put it in a raw buttermilk……but i really don’t know an accurate customs….as now i need to remove….as im competing my one year of marriage….😊

  22. mein punjabi family se nhi hu .. n mujhe choora pehna bhot acha lagta n mere maternal uncle and aunt nhi h ..😒 to mujhe koi or choora nhi pehna sakta… plz tell me

  23. Ive been wearing mine for the year now (a year in a couple weeks) and just want to know, is there a tradition or something that needs to be done when its time to take it off? 🙂
    I’d love to wear them longer, love how they look, I’m just tired of everyone asking if I JUST got married lol

  24. HI I’m just married in punjabi family. It’s really very new for me all things. I’m wearing chura from my wedding. But I was not knowing exactly everything about chura and during sleeping time or bath time I remove my half chura. But yes I never remove full. Did it mean problem for me. I’m non Punjabi. We here don’t know anything. As my hubby is in other country. And I’ve to wait for my visa and all. So it’s really I need to know please help me out how i can remove it. I can’t do any work. I can’t go college. Everyone stares me I feel so irritating why ppl are looking me again and again. Even I’ve to put toe rings + payal+chura with gold bangles too+ mangalsutra+sindoor. Such a confusion with me. My mom says you don’t wear anything be normal. But I’m little orthodox. So I’m very worried. Please help me dear ladies

  25. Hello All
    Please reply me on my email id [email protected]

    What is the procedure to wear chuda as i m getting married this november and am not punjabi but because of fashion and my craze for chuda, please tell me what to do for wearing chuda. is it necessary to wash the chuda in milk , cant i wear them without washing in milk.

    Can i see the chuda before wearing, please tell me,


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