Bridal Eyelashes From Kryolan : Haul


Bridal Eyelashes From Kryolan : Haul

Hello Everyone,

As the wedding season is all set to begin next month probably after the auspicious Navratri Festival, I am quite obsessed with festive makeup & accessories to a great extent!

Recently I did an elaborate Indian Bridal Makeup Look on my Youtube channel and followed by another Engagement Party Makeup! Well, I totally enjoyed doing both the looks and now I am looking for more ideas about attempting more such tutorials for the brides to be! 🙂 I am open to suggestions so please if you have any interesting idea or want a particular bridal makeup, do drop in the comments and I will surely try doing to for the beloved readers! 🙂

So, these days I have been thinking to doing light party makeup for the brides-to-be as they need to get decked up for different occasions during the wedding celebrations and for that reason I got these new eye lashes from Kryolan!

kryolan upper eyelashes TV3 & TV5

I have been quite enjoying doing these videos and so I went on to buy these for my upcoming bridal makeup looks in the coming weeks!

Lets have a look at what the brand has to say about these eye lashes!

kryolan upper eyelashes haul

About Kryolan Upper Eyelashes TV3 & TV5

Upper Eyelashes TV3

Powerful, extra-long eyelashes, with a beautiful swing that emphasize the look naturally. The Upper Eyelashes are 100% handmade.

Price– 5.50



  • Type: Full lashes, linked parallel
  • Form: Ellipsed Curve
  • Material: Human Hair

Upper Eyelashes TV5

Through sophisticated levels and a combination of crossed and straight weave these extra-long, fine lashes work intensively and natural. The Upper Eyelashes are 100% handmade.

Price– $5.50

kryolan upper eyelashes TV5


  • Type: Full lashes, mix of parallel and V-shaped formation, Doll’s Eye Cut
  • Form: Ellipsed Curve
  • Material: Human Hair

Packaging- These eye lashes are packed in a blue colored cardboard box which has the plastic tray which holds the eye lashes carefully!

My Initial Thoughts about Kryolan Eyelashes

A first look at these delicate, natural eye lashes is that it doesn’t appear to look false eye lashes and looks absolutely natural. The eyelashes TV5 is very natural looking and can be easily worn on any given day or occasion!

However, the eyelashes TV5 is a little heavier and more apt for a dramatic look for a festive occasion or can be worn for a gala event like weddings when any amount of makeup is never over the top! :-p

Both these eye lashes are cheap and so I got an extra eyelash as I keep losing my falsies quite often! Well, I surely need to be more careful but somehow my daughter manages to find and play around with them! So as a safe side measure, I bought extra eyelashes! 🙂

I will be using these eye lashes in my upcoming videos and you can see how natural they look when applied perfectly!

So girls, any suggestions for Bridal Eye Makeup? Do share! 🙂 See you soon with the videos!

Have you tried these Kryolan Eyelashes Before?

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