Bridal Makeup & Beauty Mistakes To Avoid For A Bride


Beauty Mistakes To Avoid For a Bride

Is it your wedding coming up? Well congratulations and I am happy for sharing this post at a right time. For, this will help you adjust to the situation well and you would be able to save yourself from some of the heinous mistakes brides make at the time too close to their wedding day. The results could be devastating for some if you do not learn from mistakes of others. So, better we do what others did not and have a memory forever- correction, a happy memory forever! Here are some Beauty Mistakes To Avoid For A Bride.

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What you should not be doing is a long list as we leave a lot of things in our own excitement and so many people treating us like princesses. But we should never ever forget these things as listed below:

Drinking water:

use of water

Do drink enough water as always as not having enough water would leave you and your skin dehydrated, making you look sloppy dull bride. I am sure you would not want to do that. Keep it in your routine forever and if your wedding is in a few days, start drinking enough water immediately.

New Experiments:

facial waxing

Your D- day is not meant for experimentation, specially with your skin. So do not try anything new on or a month before the wedding. This may not be very healthy for you and God forbid, it could create something unpleasant for you to handle at the wrong moment.

Having Beauty expeditions too close to your wedding day:

all about galvanic facial

Do not go for a facial or skin treatment too close to your wedding day as it might leave your skin with red flares. These would leave you in no situation to show your face off with pride and happiness.

Forgetting about our Beauty Sleep:

benefiis of sleep

One must not forget that sleep is an essential component of beauty and if you do not want to look like a zombie on your wedding, do have a proper sleep like you do on normal days. Weddings are usually tiring and if a person has not slept properly during the day or previous night, it usually shows up and spoils the party for you on your special day. We must remember that makeup can only make us hide the blemishes, the sleepiness in our eyes shall remain.

Using a Normal Mascara:

wet n wild mascara

We often use our normal beauty products and forget that they were not meant for special occasions. Do not use your normal mascara on your wedding day. It might streak down your face and make you look like a vampire. Since we are way too emotional on our special day, we must not forget that mascara can flow down our face and ruin our face and photographs.

Not Moisturizing:

Moisturize your skin before shaving

We often land up at the salons may be right after a shower and expect them to dress us up like a princess. Well, we here make the biggest mistake of not moisturizing our skin which we should ideally do within minutes of having a shower. And while dressing up for your special day, this is a sin to do, if you forget to moisturize yourself and go for makeup.

I hope you have noted the silly mistakes we commit and then ruin our lifetime memories. While marking a new beginning to our new lives, we must ensure we do not do what can spoil the day for us.

Have you too made these beauty mistakes?

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