Bridal Makeup Package And What It Includes


Bridal Makeup Package And What It Includes

If it’s your wedding, no one can match the excitement and happiness you are bloating with right now. It is pretty certain that you would want to get into the best shape, best appearance before the D day. You must be vying every nook and corner possible to get the best of all worlds for yourself. Be it your lehenga or your hairdo or your make-up, it has to be the best in class. At the same time, you have to take care of the fact that these things should not be too expensive to burn a hole in your pocket.

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Choosing a suitable make-up package is one big agenda that takes days and sometimes months to be finalized. We often end up going to salons and more salons but not finding the suitable match for our needs. Best solution is to plan well in advance if the time permits. Often we get to know that wedding dates are sooner than expected and this runs out time pretty quickly and we need to steal time from shopping and other engagements to run for the beauty part.

To solve this, one should ethically plan the beauty regime and have all things in place rather than skewed and strayed plans that mishap at the time of actual ceremonies. Whoops, scary thought that is!

Let’s consider what could a bridal package include and what all could be kept in mind while choosing a plan for yourself.

Choosing a Salon

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Consider the number of days you have before your wedding, in months or in days? Accordingly consult a salon that you think is most suitable given the feedback from your friends or known.

There are packages based on days to ensure you get all kind of beauty treatments before the final D-Day make up. Most packages include provisions for mehendi, sangeet and other similar ceremonies. You may choose as per your requirement.

What shall the package include?

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The package should enthrall a head to toe treatment for your beautification. In usual terms, these include hair, makeup and draping. This means you are set for a hairdo, including hair styling and haircut, if required or you choose, your makeup airbrush or any depending on your choice and draping your lehenga or your attire, whatever you have decided.

Apart from that, it also includes your nails, treatment through manicure or pedicure, nail paints, nail enhancements, nail arts etc. depending on your choice.

Hair treatments include Hair Spas, haircuts etc. specifically for dry or frizzy hair. This requires one to take sittings in advance so that the hair can be efficiently treated and the hair do on the final day is not a disappointment. This is because it is practically very difficult for the dry hair to be stylized. While you can try different hairstyles for different ceremonies if you have a little bit better hair.

Oil Your Hair

Even for the body, body polishing, exfoliation etc. is pretty much required so that your body shines in the armor of your attire and there is not a mismatch amongst the same. Body bleach, body polishing etc. all give you a ravishing look on the final day. A massage with essential oils and scrubs helps rejuvenate your skin and bring about the shine that is most required to match the makeup and attire you have.

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Whatever you may choose, just be careful about your requirements and map the packages accordingly. Wish you all the luck for the new phase of your life.

Did you check what does your Bridal Package includes?

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