Bridal Nail Paint – Faces Cosmetics True Shimmer Brown 21 Review


Faces Cosmetics  True Shimmer Brown Nail Paint is one of the most beautiful  shimmery brown nail paint I have come across.

Faces has 24 shades in big size nail enamel bottle and 16 in small size.Priced Rs 199 for the bigger one these nail paints chip less than maybelline nail paints and dries fast.

Long lasting formula, DBP free, Toluene free, Camphor & formaldehyde resin free, environment friendly, Easier application, higher gloss, irreproachable wear, no chipping, significant resistance to water.

Available in 24 shades


Price Rs 199 for 12ml

Faces Nail Paint True Shimmer Brown Review

Faces Cosmetics True shimmer brown Nail Paint


Swatches of Faces Cosmetics True Shimmer Brown

Its a  beautiful bridal nail paint and I so wish I would have come across it before 😛

Swatches Of Faces True Shimmer Brown Nail Paint

I have applied just one coat here and not used any transparent top coat over it.

Faces Nail Paints Shimmer Brown Swatches


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  1. wow i love the color, i usually don’t prefer glitter/shimmer but this is looking fab. And Anamika you got cute nails by the way.

  2. Hey AAA!!! M Back!! 🙂 🙂 I missed wiseshe soooooo much..m happpppyyy t b back :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

    • Zarrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

      i am so happy to c u back buddy 🙂 every body here was asking about you..this is the first time i missed some one so badly 🙁 ..i miss kaps here and you too 🙁

      here i mean in DELHI :D:D I want to go back to Hyderabad :((

      • I missed everyone here tooo.. i was totally frustrated when wiseshe wudnt open on my cell…Grrrr.. :reallyangry: :reallyangry:

        I kno u must be missing K lots…ek kaam kar…come to pune on ur way back 🙂 🙂

            • arre i am scared of pilot ladies..moment i hear their announcement i get scared..suppose if she starts doing her touch ups in between ..plain to gaya :duh:

              • Atleast she’ll luk pretty in the end.. 😉 😉 Lekin dont worry..Freebies ke baar eme sunke even the worst pilot will fly properly and phast phaast..

                • i hope so ..lady pilots r scary .I remember once a lady pilot said we have landed and then she asked us to remain seated and drove some a km more 😛

                  • Haha! Aise hota hai..once i was flying in an early morning flight and after take off a lady pilot came out of the cockpit and slept in one of the seats in front of me!!! I was sooo freaked out the entire time! :-(( :-((

                    • The woman was fast asleep ya…and so were the rest of the ppl..i was one of the few ppl awake..i just kept my fingers crossed the entire time..


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