Bright & Bold Festive Eye Makeup – Festive Eye Makeup Entry 1


Entry by Anusha

Our Indian festivals are described as bright and bold. This eye makeup is just right for a colourful and fun outfit. I was inspired by the mesmerising colours of the peacock feather! The colours of the peacock feather are striking. I used similar colours to create an ombré effect. I would wear this look for Diwali (bright colours everywhere). Hope you all like it 😀


festive eye makeup bright and bold

That’s me 😀 I am showing the colours of the peacock feather (earrings) with my makeup.


peacocok feather eye makeup+peacock makeup


Products Used For Bright & Body Festive Eye Makeup:-

> l’oriel blue eyeshadow case.
> maybelline Gel eyeliner & brush.
> maybelline colossal kajal.
> maybelline colossal mascara.
> maybelline dream foundation.
> VOV blue eyeliner.
> VOV eyeshadow kit.
> vega eye smudger.
> vega eyeshadow brush.
> vega eye applicator.




(from right to left)
> Light blue shimmer.
> mountain blue.
> purple glitter.
> yellow dusk.
> blue (from l’oriel case).
> VOV blue eyeliner.
> Maybelline gel eyeliner.


vov eyeshadow swatches eyeliner


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  1. Thats So dramatic…Anusha! loved ur big beautiful eyes …n lenses are suiting u to the T..Very colorful,fun n creative! :yes: :beauty: :inlove:

  2. omg :hug-makeup: awsesome reallyyy………… soon am goona get one light coloured contact lens too :razzmad: 🙂 :dance-left-right: i use brown one already …….. 😀

  3. yeyyy ana i told you when gonna learn alot with this contest 😀 specially me I was really desperately waiting for the entries 😛 I can never try something like this cz i never come out of my shell in this regard :rotfl:

  4. Hi Anusha,
    Can you please tell me the brand of the contact lenses you are wearing?? They look so natural… I wanna try the same brand.

  5. Nice…the lenses really add a lot of oomph to the look…anushka where r u from? Ur face is soo familiar..I feel like I’ve seen u somewhere..ever bin to pune?


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