Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer Review



My L’oreal facewash was getting over and I was on the hunt for another good facewash. I’d tried the Brillare Kiwi face scrub reviewed here before and so when I saw this at the Beauty store here, I thought to give it a go. The packaging looked quite nice and the words skin warmer jumped out at me!…and how could I resist? 😉


Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer+brillare face wash

About Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer


Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer+ brillare face wash review

Price: INR 150 for 100 ml,Available @ INR 135 on purplle

My experience with Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer

This facewash comes in a snazzy looking tube which is quite attractive. It has a flip cap and is quite handy. The facewash itself is thick and tea colored.

Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer+ facewash for dry skin


I have dry skin and this is really good to my skin. I was a bit disppointed though at the skin warming claim. I assume it’s supposed to feel a bit warm on contact to kickstart blood circulation but I didn’t feel any warming initially. But then when I applied this without dampening my face first, it did seem to have a warming sensation. So this warming claim just didn’t do it for me…


Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer


Effectiveness is quite good. My skin feels silky soft after using this and not at all dry and stretchy.  This facewash is quite light on the skin I must say and a must for dry skinned girls. Oily skinned girls may not like this since it doesn’t really help keep the oil at bay. After using this, I don’t feel the need to rush and apply a moisturizer. Let me summarize as per their claims:

  • Skin warmer: You know my feedback on this..not really..
  • Firming & Tightening: I don’t have loose skin so can’t say.
  • Energising: Not as energiing as minty facewashes but I actually found this more relaxing than energising.

Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer+ face wash review


I like this facewash but don’t love it. Although its a good treat for my dry skin for the winter, it’s not what I expected (yes, i’m still fixated on the skin warming thingy). All in all, a good OTC product and worth the price.

What I like about Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer

  • Perfect for my dry skin
  • Moisturizes the skin well
  • Doesn’t make my skin feel stretchy
  • Handy packaging
  • Good deal for the price

What I don’t like about Brillare FaceWash Activate Skin Warmer

  • Doesn’t stick to its skin warming claim

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. How i wish it actually gave tht warm sensation..u knw zee i keep buying omved eye cream for this reason only..i love how it feels so warm..

  2. I am using this facewash since from 2-3 days.I have very much oily skin and its very sensitive.So can I used this product??

  3. Affordable one and sounds a gud product. Mine is combi but in the winters feels so dry. So I guess this may suit me. Nicely reviewed. 🙂


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