Brillare Kiwi Fruit Face & Body Scrub Review


I love experimenting…I tend to not finish anything since I get bored using a particular product fairly soon and then jump to another product. As a result i usually have 2 cleansers and atleast 2 scrubs on my bathroom sink. Currently I have one from Shea Herbals and this one from Brillare.  What attracted me to it? The name! Kiwi scrub!! Id always heard of walnut and apricot scrubs but Kiwi scrub was a first for me and my curiosity was peaked.


Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review

About Brillare Kiwi Fruit Face & Body Scrub:-

Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review+ kiwi scrub

Price: INR 95

My experience with Brillare Kiwi Fruit Face & Body Scrub

This comes in a tub packaging with a flip-lid. Stylish looking, yes…Unhygienic, also yes..Considering the consistency is not too thick I feel this could have been easily packaged in a tube form instead. The scrub itself is a milky green color with the walnut shell particles in it.


Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review+ face and body srub


It  has a pleasant smell…I can’t quite describe but its like a fresh creamy scent which doesn’t linger on.

I like using this alot. The particles look large but they are totally non abrasive. I have used this daily for a week and even then it did my skin good. My skin is more on the drier side with a moderately oily T-zone and surprisingly this scrub didn’t dry out my skin at all! Infact, it keeps my skin well moisturized and after using this, i can go without moisturiser for about 30mins or so.


Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review+brillare


It won’t remove makeup thoroughly but will definitely wash off the remnants well and leave the skin squeaky clean.

The only thing that kinda was a surprise to me (but may not be to others) is that this has walnut scrub particles..I had assumed that since it said Kiwi Fruit, it would have only Kiwi and that the scrub particles would be the kiwi seeds. But ah well…that’s what you get for not reading the ingredient list..AGAIN!


Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review+ best face scrub


All in all, I like this and feel this is worth a repurchase simply because it’s a scrub that moisturizes while it scrubs the grime off my face at the same time. Plus, it’s waay easier on the pocket than many other scrubs which are quality products but also cost a bomb..


kiwi scrub+ Brillare Kiwi Fruit face and body scrub review

Why I like Brillare Kiwi Fruit Face & Body Scrub:-

  • The fragrance doesn’t linger.
  • Will suit all skin types
  • The skin really does feel clean and refreshed after using this.
  • Keeps the skin moisturized as well.
  • Pocket friendly
  • Can be used on the face and body


Why I don’t like Brillare Kiwi Fruit Face & Body Scrub:-

  • I’m not sure about its availability
  • Wish it had a tube packaging instead.
  • If used on the body this wouldnt last more than 3 or 4 uses


Rating: 5/5

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  1. ohh wow… I am also in a lookout for scrubs.. basically to be used as a body scrub n this wud work just right … wud definitely try one of these.. thanxx for the new product revu zara 😉

  2. oye!!! Rs 95???
    shock lagaa mujhe toh
    It looks expensive tho
    I need this,i have used hip hop kiwi scrub and kiwi suited me a lot, ab mujhe ye chahiye.

  3. I can’t believe this is so darn inexpensive! 😯 Going by the packaging n the name i thot it must be some high-end maal :giggle:

  4. nevr tried anything in kiwi so far…. b the way never tatsed too… 🙁 …how does kiwi taste??? any idea anyone?


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