Bring Out The Gypsy in You: Trend Alert


Bring Out The Gypsy in You: Trend Alert

As the well-said saying goes that history has a tendency of repeating itself and fashion is not aloof to this. Gone are the days for glitzy, glammed up figure hugging outfits and girls you must open your arms and welcome the comfortable sense of fashion as the bohemian style is back. Now get ready to have the fun and frolic effortless in romantic bohemian style!

With the feel of the spring in the air, we must change our wardrobe to long flowy skirts, crop tops, capes and chunky jewellery. We wouldn’t want you to go on a spending spree so here are some handy tips to mix and match the bohemian style and be the trendsetter wherever you go. Flaunt yourself alike a modern day gypsy and bring out the inner bohemian self within you!!

Crop it: Now, achieving the bohemian fashion look is simple. It all depends on your innovative creativity. All you need is a flow-y dress, lacy crop top that has been in your wardrobe for long now. You can pair it up with a contrasting skirt, beautiful hats, platform heels and fierce makeup. These little fancies put together in style is sure to get you a beautiful bohemian look.

Broad belting:

Broad belts are our personal favorite and highlight the waist area like none other.

So style your regular top with the skirt and accessorize with a beautiful belt. It’s a beautiful day wear for the Sunday brunch that you have been wondering (what to wear) about.

Imaginatively piece together from your wardrobe a wide selection of your wide, slim leather belts or a carved pierced waistband stacked in the corner to give your outfit a fantastic new look.

Floral Galore:

With the spring season we see loads of flowers and we are sure by now you know how to join the strings together. Yes, You must buy a beautiful floral skirt. Pair it up with a spaghetti top for the day wear and get a matching floral cape for the Indo-western touch of the outfit. So be it your vacation wardrobe or your bestie’s wedding, one skirt will do it all for you. Get geared to bring life to your outfit by the romance, magic and beauty of the mystic floral designs!!

Tom to jenny:

If you fall in the category of tom girls trying to catch up with the trend, we have an option for you as well. Bring that denim shirt to a good use by pairing it up with the skirt. Roll up the sleeves like a boss and wear wooden bangles, keep the earrings typically long. You can even team it up with a sleek yet designer wristwatch.Remember, you should wear more than just one bracelet. Get funky!! Wear the most gorgeous colours existing in the world!

You can use colorful headbands, floral headbands, a headscarf to get the complete chic bohemian style.

These minimalist yet trending looks will surely make heads turn and you will fall in love with yourself a little more. If you capture this style right the results can be spectacular and can really add a wow factor. You must use a mix of these techniques in order to achieve a good result but also at the same time you have to gravitate towards your own style.

A passionate hug, a candid laugh and bubbles of genuine smile by onlookers is sure to follow. Isn’t that what every girl wants? So get your swag mode on and do share your wear. It will be the anchor points for your treasured memories for years to come!!

How are you going to flaunt the Gypsy style?

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