Bringing calmness in mind

Few days back I applied for a mobile connection of Reliance.I miss my parents badly and to keep in touch for hours I thought of taking reliance as my second connection.After I submitted my all documents shopkeeper asked me to wait for one hour to get my connection activated.
My connection started after an hour but after two days when I already recharged it with an heavy amount it got disconnected. When I asked the reliance customer care they asked me to re submit my documents as they have not been submitted by the shopkeeper.
To cut the story short I landed up submitting my papers four times and in the end also connection didn’t started.I called the shopkeeper , reliance customer care and even the retailer many times and exchanged heated words with them.In the end my connection didn’t even start and I switched to Airtel.During this process I cried twice , felt irritated, fought with my husband and had a fight with the shop keeper and in the customer care too.
Now when I have bought a new connection my reliance and airtel both connection are working and I don know which one to use. Damn!!!
During this process what I realized is that one something unacceptable take place with me my conscious mind may forget after uttering harsh or sarcastic remark but the receiver (in this case was the shopkeeper ) are unlikely to forgive and forget.
After this episode I was going through a magazine and article really hit me.Article was by Mr Mystic Sudhir.
He said that Mahatma Gandhi confessed in his writing that he never had to regret any spoken or written words.Before any thought got the outward grab of speech , Mahatma would weigh it with his chisel of wisdom.

Few of the suggestion given by him to calm oneself down are:-
* Work out or take up a sport where you sweat profusely for a reasonable period .This will have a calming effect on our nervous system.This is what I did( but co incidentally) before going to the shopkeeper to give him a piece of my mind I went to the gym . After running on the jogger for half an hour I went to him with a peaceful mind.Of course when I went to him again without the gym I blasted on the guy and in return he did the same.

*Swimming also keep us away from unnecessary tension .Just be in your free body, mind and spirit and you will be calm.
*I always thought that those who are calm can not be passionate but then the writer gave such beautiful example which made me think twice.He gave example of Roger Federar and Tendulkar, both have extra ordinary behavioural track record and we don’t know any greater competitors then them,
Being fiercely competitive in any field demands discipline, dedication and devotion.Emotional outburst in most cases is a sign of WEAKNESS or complex.
There were many more tips which were given in the article .I am sharing the one which  affected me.
I hope I wont be a weak or complex person in near future and will try to be more calm in situation.Because in the end it is me who is affected the most.
Have you face any similar situation like this and felt pathetic and then the guilt imbibed in you.?


  1. Wow, that is quite a sad experience. I do agree with some of things you have said. I also tend to lose my temper rather quickly and sometimes do feel silly later for reacting that way. However I also feel that emotions are a part of being human. Yes, there are some ppl like sachin who stay calm always, but that is his personality – that is what makes him unique. It would be a weird world if we all were so diplomatic and reacted exactly the same.

  2. U r right Tanz..No matter how hard i try but I can not have a temporament like Sachin but this is also true that there are things like sports, meditation and work out which can make me more calmer then what I am..and I guess some where we all want to be calm ..dont u?

  3. Well, why didn't you approach consumer forum? You might have got relief. Well, sometimes in dealing with these situation, more than patience or calmness, some heavy handedness is necessary.If someone doesn't react the concerned people will think, yeah this is just another chap, we don't have to worry about and they lax. You paid the money and you have every right to get angry, after all there is a limit to their bad service.

  4. Nitin i am new here and i don want to go thru the process of consumenr forum..more of it both the company and the shopkeeper refused to accept the resposonsibility.some times ignoring things gives u better piece then fighting over them.which place r u from?Do u know the process of consumer forum .can u guide with me with it?


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