Bronzer for Indian skin


By Shweta,

Hi WiseShe readers,

I passed out from college last year and am working in an MNC. With so much time crunch to manage job and home, I still love to go through Indian make up blogs and WiseShe is certainly amongst my daily favorites. I’ve a dusky complexion and love to use a bronzer frequently for makeup. I thought of sharing my beauty secret with you all here 🙂 so here goes the article

Bronzer for Indian skin

I love Chitrangada Singh and find her shimmering tawny skin that radiating a warm glow quite hot! A bronzer is a perfect tool for those who love to multi-task and prefer a rather no-hassle makeup routine. It is also arguably one of the best makeups to make even a discoloured or dull tan skin look beautiful and healthy. With Indian warm skin tones, a bronzer can achieve more than what a whole bunch of foundation and concealers can. The best part about using a bronzer is that you can also use it to enhance your arms, legs (shins), clavicle, cleavage and shoulders.

With just a little dab of bronzing cream here and a gentle swipe of bronzing powder there, you can easily provide instant glamour to your overall do. Albeit, be careful to add the glow in the “right” places or your may become a big ‘Red Alert’.

How to choose the Right Bronzer for Indian skin

Most of us Indian women have a special preference for using gold in our makeup. However, to tell the truth, the gold beautifies our fair-skinned sisters more. For dusky women, bronze or copper tint can actually make you look fabulous. From experience, I believe most of us are not clear about how to work the glow from a bronzer.

You should always first check your skin tone to decide the right bronzer for you. For yellow undertones, opt for a shimmery peach hue or even a gold tint bronzer which will look great, but if your skin has red undertones then you should try out amber or copper tones, even tawny.

For An All-over Glow

Start by applying a tinted moisturizer on your body, specially focussing on your arms and shins. If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer with you, take a shimmering body lotion, mix it with your gel bronzer and apply it all over.

Prep up your face by dusting with a translucent powder. Then blend it properly by using the bronzer over your cheek. Use a dash of clear lip-gloss on your cheeks only to highlight your bronzed look. Swipe a generally neutral shade like beige over your eyelids. You can also dab an amber toned gloss or lipstick over your pout to make the impact better. For a perfect finish, use a light dusting of shimmer powder on your forehead, chin, shoulders and cleavage.

Be A Tawny Temptress

This is a really great move for girls with a rather dark complexion. You can enhance your colour without having to resort to all those popular fairness creams which say more and work less. Simply mix your bronzer with moisturizer and apply it on your face so that it gives a monochromatic effect and hides the blemishes. Dust some translucent powder on your face to set the base appropriately. To make it better, add a dash of terracotta blush and shadow over your cheeks and eyelids respectively. Finish off the look with a bronze lipstick. You can even use a bronze eye pencil to line and define your eyes.

The Bronze Idol

Celebrate the bronze-age and duskiness! Go all warm and shimmery that is bound to raise your glamour and diva quotient by several degrees. Ditch your daily foundation and sweetie pink blusher for the beautiful tawny cheeks and amber eyes. And do not think too much about that not-so-comfortable tan that you build up during the long relaxing/travelling hours out in the summer sun. What you got to do is work your bronzed out complexion to its best advantage!

Oh did I hear you say, “Why on earth should I use a dark colour for my already dark skin?” You are not alone! A lot of Indian women often wonder about how a bronzer can really enhance their already tanned skins while the blondes of the Western World go to amazing lengths with self-tanners, bronzers and even risk skin cancer by sitting and exposing themselves to long hours in the sun to get the olive-hued warm complexion which we Indians are already blessed with.:)

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  1. Amazing article Shweta :yes: :yes: :yes:
    i can relate to it very much. i have dusky skin and always want to own a bronzer…. now i am more confident and will definitely get one soon. Thanks :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

  2. wonderful article honey 🙂

    whats’s ur pick from our indian brands ??

    m still not okay with the fact of using bronzer .. i passed my Stila Contouring trio to friend …

    but pls tell me ur pick 😀 😀

  3. A very interesting article indeed. But do we really need to get ‘darker’ for that bronzed effect? I would rather use a bronzer like Maybelline one which is rather golden and would highlight and add a flush of glow on our body or face

  4. Nice article, i was confused till now whether to go for bronzer or not, well now m gonna buy one. One question : Which brand and color would u suggest for the dusky complexion ????

  5. Hi, I got bodyshop honey bronzer sometime ago, the salesgirl recommended that to me but I never actually used it as it makes my skin shade look 2 shade darker! I got 01, my skin color is more of like rihanna skin tone. Could it be am using it wrongly? Or wrong shade perhaps?


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