Brow Wigs – The Latest Trend To Dive In!


Hello, beauties!

After eyebrow filling and microblading technique, the new trend that is ruling the makeup world is eyebrow wigs. The term ‘Eyebrows on Fleek’ can never be easier than this. If you have fewer eyebrows or even zero eyebrows, this new way can be your best friend. And the way that I’m talking about is Eyebrow Wig. Yes, you heard it right – an eyebrow structured wig made of natural hairs that you can put on your eyebrows with glue and that will last you long as if they are your natural eyebrows. Details below 🙂

Eyebrow wigs are the latest trend in which you can buy an eyebrow wig as per your choice and face shape. You can place it on your regular eyebrows and call it a day. You don’t need to pluck or maintain a shape of it. Moreover, being water and makeup proof, this will last pretty long on your face for up to 6 months.

This process of application is really simple. You just need a glue to stick the eyebrow on your regular ones. When you want to remove it, just remove it in the direction of the eyebrow hair otherwise you may pluck your original ones with it.

You can choose your eyebrow shape and colour according to your needs and can also make them look as natural as possible. This trend is not that famous in India right now but surely is gaining prominence with each passing day.

Pros of this process:

The benefits of this process are for those who have no eyebrows on their face. Eyebrows surely define a structure of a face and lack of it surely looks weird. So this can be a really good way to look good without spending time every morning giving them a prominent shape and thickness with your eyebrow kit.

Also, this is just pasting a wig on your regular eyebrows which make it zero pain process. This is much better than microblading both in terms of cost and pain.

Cons of the process:

Though wearing off the wig is not very common, still, it can happen that due to very heavy sweating or using excess water can rip off the wig. Moreover, using oil based cleansers is another no-no as it can destroy the glue particles. While removing the wig too, one should take extra care so that one shouldn’t pull out the real hair on the brows.

For the conclusion, I can say, that this is the upcoming trend that will take the beauty world b storm. Beware!

That’s all folks!

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