Brown Eyes Makeup With Brown Eyeshadow & New Hair Color + FOTD


Brown Eyes Makeup With Brown Eyeshadow

Hello beautiful people,

How are you all?While getting ready today, I had a thought that why not share what I am wearing today with you all. I have done tutorials and reviews off lately, but have not shared ant what makeup I am wearing in the recent past. In fact it has been long since I have done a post like this.

For those who regularly follow my blog, already know that I have brown eyes and I have recently got my hair colored. As expected my hair is not happy with my hair color and my dear hubby is neutral about my hair color but when it comes to me, I am totally loving my new hair look, in fact it has changed the way how I look. The new look kinds creates urge in me to be playful with makeup and share everything from basic to new, with you all. Of course brown eye makeup falls into those basic makeup and for the same reason I will be sharing the basic tips and how to, about the brown makeup.

To know tips for brown eye makeup and how to apply brown eye shadow, continue reading.

How To Apply Brown Eyeshadow

Before sharing the makeup tips for brown eyes, I wish to share on how to apply the most common and loved eyeshadow shade i.e. brown. This is the eye makeup that I am wearing in today’s FOTD. Brown eyeshadow is a decent and neutral color which will suit all complexions. Not too vibrant and not too dramatic. It is perfect for all occasions. It suits woman of all age and will give a graceful eye look on them. Brown smokey eye is considered really classic and sensuous and it will beat any vibrant shade any given day, and a brown eye shadow is great for both day & night time looks, so just a little variation and your eye look is good to go from day to night with minimal efforts.

2 Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply a brown eye shadow.

First of all, apply an eye primer over the crease of the eye. This will make the brown shade standout perfectly and also stay for a long time.

Now with an angular eye brush gently apply brown eye shadow from the outer corner of the yes towards the inner eye crease.


You can apply a light beige eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye to highlight it well. I have applied a slightly golden highlighter to highlight the inner corners.

Now apply the same brown shadow on the lower lash line from the outer corner with gentle strokes to create a smokey look. If you want an intense brown eye look, apply the brown eye shadow all over the upper lid leaving the brow bone for a light beige shadow for highlighting it beautifully. Now apply a black pencil liner over the upper lash line and smudge it outwards with a smudging brush. In my FOTD I have applied a black liquid eye liner instead and have applied it n winged style.

Apply mascara and curl your lashes.

In my FOTD for my eyes I have used Coastal Scents Revealed Palette 2, which is a popular dupe of Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I love this palette and reach out to this for my daily eye makeup.

coastal scents revealed 2 palette

For lips I have used the Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lip Color in shade Exotic Fuchsia which is a cool toned hot fuchsia shade and it is quid bright and bold looking shade and makes complexion glowing! I quite like my new hair look with this makeup look, what do you guys say, did it look good?

chambor extreme matte lip color swatches

Tips for Brown Eye Makeup:-

We Indians are usually blessed with black or dark brown eyes, the light brown eyes are not a common appearance in India. The darkness of eyes can be enhanced with deep colors and you can also wear bright shades on dark brown eyes.

Besides working on your eyes, you can enhance dark brown eyes with fresh shades of blush. Fresh, glowing cheeks make dark brown eyes stand out.

Try these Makeup Tips For Dark Brown Eyes:-

Go with browns and taupe colors when you do not want all attention towards your eyes. All the browns look good on dark brown eyes. Black is also a very good color for dark brown eyes. It looks beautiful but not stark as dark brown eyes are almost black.

Peach is a really suitable color for dark brown eyes. It gives a bright and fresh look for dark brown eyes.

Many people say that pink is not the best color for brown eyes but it actually looks good. Darker pinks are really flattering on brown eyes.

  • Trust bronze to elevate your look any time. You can just sweep bronze all across your lids for a quick glamorous look. Apart from that you can also use bronze in combination with other shades.
    Shades of gold enhance dark brown eyes like anything. You can use them as just highlighting colors or as lid colors.
  • The best shades of blue on dark brown eyes are cobalt blue and navy blue. Cobalt blue is a bright popping color for brown eyes and is perfect for evening.
  • Navy blue does not look very popping on dark brown eyes and you can wear it anytime.
    Like every eye color, purple flatters dark brown eyes very well. Egg plant and violet are amazing shades of purple for dark brown eyes.
  • Plums that are on the deeper sides flatter dark brown eyes.

Revlon-plum-galazy-EOTD+plum eye makeup for brown eyes
Plum Makeup On Brown Eyes

Some Important Tips

  • Black, blue and purple eyeliners are perfect for dark brown eyes. White eyeliners are good for some drama and champagne liners are for waterline.
  • For mascaras black is the best. If you want to experiment then go with purple
    Metallic colors make dark brown eyes look fabulous.
  • It makes brown eyes shine and sparkle. Shimmer can be added on dark brown eyes anytime. Shimmery eye shadows look much better than the matte ones on brown eyes.
  • Try and avoid the Red, yellow and green as they are not friends for dark brown eyes. Though you can do some mix and match if you want but do not paint your lids in these shades alone as they do not flatter dark brown eyes much.
  • So this was all about how to do brown eye makeup and some tips for brown eyes. I hope you all find this helpful.
  • This is a makeup tutorial I did on my youtube channel where I used black as the base and topped it over with brown eye shadow .Check it out you might be interested in it .

P.S – Did this post few days back ..I know I have already shared the look but then thought of sharing the eye makeup as well 🙂


  1. I have brown eyes and getting the best eye make up was a really difficult task for me but your article has really helped. Great job and keep posting such articles.
    It would be amazing if you could write about make up tips for people with colored eyes for example blue. This will surely be of great help.

  2. Thanks for the nice tips (Anamika), I will say to my wife implement ideas, And I keep continue watch your site always I get new article related to beauty tips, Thanks keep share your effort always.


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