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By Surbhi,

I am 36 and I prefer more muted brown lipstick shades rather than hot pink.Can you suggest me brown lipstick shades which will suit my age.I have fine lines on my lips so please suggest accordingly.

Best Brown Lipstick Suggestions

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  1. I remember I have seen one in Lakme 9to5 range,however there are so many experts here on Wise she who can suggest better :yes:

  2. I think Chambor brique rose or indiana fusion both are brown with pink and red undertone which will suit you. Chambor’s Dusky earth is a chocolate brown color. Revlon matte fabulous fig is a nice burgundy red color. May be you could try the silk touch range as they do minimize the lines or top of with any gloss.

  3. colorbar mocha – brown &coral shade
    revlon colorburst -soft rose
    revlon sl – caramel candy
    revlon vt- coffe break
    colorbar twig-brown shade
    revlon colorburst sienna- rich brown marron shade

  4. I really loved the color Chocolate Velvet from Revlon Lustrous range. Not sure if this helps with the finelines so probably other experts can help but its really a true brown and a very flattering color for a variety of skin tones !

  5. hi,
    revlon colorburst in chocolate for a dark shade of brown and hazelnut for a very natural shade of brown
    lakme lip love lipstick in honey bun


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