Brown Rice Face Pack Recipe & Benefits



Brown Rice Face Pack Recipe & Benefits

Brown rice is a hit among fitness and weight watchers. Many of us have already switched from white rice to brown rice and have shunned white rice. Congratulations for healthier life, but did you know brown rice is not just good for health and also has several beauty benefits for your skin and hair.

Brown rice is a rich source of vitamins such as B6, E, K. It also has protein and pitera which helps to revive tired-looking skin. This brings a glow on the face. It is also used for conditioning hair. All these properties make it a wonderful beauty ingredient which should not be missed.

Today I shall share with you all the benefits of brown rice for skin and DIY face pack recipe.


brown rice skin care


Read on.

Brown Rice Benefits for Skin:

For Blemish Free Skin: The rich content of fiber and other essential minerals in brown rice are great to make your skin firm and blemish free. Brown rice is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and magnesium, these protect the skin from blemishes and acne breakouts.

For Toning Skin: It is crucial to use a skin toner in the daily skincare regime and when it is all natural, the goodness is incomparable. Brown rice is a great toner, you can use water used for soaking brown rice as a toner.

For Delaying/Preventing Premature Aging: Brown rice is packed with proteins, that repairs damaged skin. Not only by consuming brown rice but you can also delay skin aging by using it in face packs.

For Exfoliating: Brown rice is a great body exfoliant. It very effectively and gently removes the dead skin cells layer. This can be removed by using a scrub. Regular exfoliation with brown rice will also help in brightening skin.

For Maintaining Skin’s Elasticity And Youth: Brown rice has selenium content which helps to maintain skin elasticity and reduce skin inflammation.

For Removing Blackheads: As you all must know that blackheads occur when there is a build-up of oil in our skin’s pores which causes dead skin cells to clog them. Powdered brown rice mixed with rose water can be used to remove blackheads.

Now that you know the benefits of Brown rice for skin, it is now time to try out this amazing brown rice face recipe.

Brown Rice Face Pack:

This face pack calls for just three ingredients and will serve to provide all the above mentioned benefits.

Things you will need

  • Brown rice powder.
  • honey
  • yogurt


  • Take around 1tablesppon of brown rice powder in a bowl. To make powder, all you need to do is to grind some brown rice to make a powder.
  • Now mix in ½ teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Check consistency, it should not be thick neither too runny and alter the quantity of honey and yogurt as required.
  • Apply this mask and leave on until dry. Once it is dry, spray some rose water on the mask to make it moist again and slowly begin to exfoliate in gentle motions.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water. Give a final wash of cold water to close open pores.
  • Moisturize as usual.

So the next time you go to the kitchen, don’t just cook rice for lunch, also make this DIY pack to reveal a beautiful and healthy skin.

Do you use brown rice for skin care?

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