Bun Hair Styles


Bun Hair Styles

Bun hairstyles have evolved a lot in the years and it is one hairstyle that can never go out of fashion it is classic and timeless, it is chic and trendy.

So today I’ll be listing 10 beautiful bun designs that you can try next.

Side bun

Ultra-Modern Side-Swept Bun

A messy side bun is all you need to be the centre of attraction. Comb your hair back into a low ponytail at the side of your neck. Start twisting and then wrap it around a low bun. You can also go for messy buns. Cute, simple and chic. And voila..!! You are done. You can do front poof side buns too.

A simple clean bun

Take a wide comb and brush your hair starting from tips to the roots. Take a band and twist and tie your hair in a ponytail. Brush through the ponytail to make sure there are no tangles. Now twist the ponytail. Turn into a bun and secure the bun to the base with pins. Finish off with a quick hair spray.

The traditional bride Bun

kareena floral bun

Traditional Bengali Indian brides are often seen with normal hand buns which are decorated by beautiful flowers and hair accessories. The bride looks no less than a princess in this traditional hairstyle. The front portion of the hair is often puffed up for that voluminous look.

Messy bun

side braid with low bun

Want to get you on with the boho-chic trend? Then go for the messy buns instead of neat ones. Run your fingers through your hair. Make a messy front poof and secure with pins. Tie the rest of your hair in a messy bun and pin it.

The pinned up buns

Bun Hairstyles Of Deepika Padukone 7

In pinned up buns, small quantity of hair are often pinned up on top of the head to create illusion of bun. This adds weight and volume to your look. This works great on women who don’t have enough long hair for the traditional bun look. This is a classic with a twist.


There can be two kinds of chignons, one messy chic and another one simple and neat. Just take your hair, twist and pin into a knot at the nape of the neck. The binding is more loosely done as compared to normal buns. These buns look super-chic.

Retro poof and bun


The front poof is in trend. The hairstyle is very simple. Just take the front portion of your hair and poof it up. Secure with pins and then put the hanging portion into a bun. It depends on you how much messy or well combed you want the look to be.

Braided Bun


You can try this on the special occasions like weddings, reception parties. This goes really well with our traditional Indian attires as well as western outfits.

Hairline braid and bun

hairline to-messy-bun

The stunning little hairline braid is a super-quick way to get cute and chic in a hurry. Side part your hair. Take a portion of hair and start braiding. Pin it on the back of your head and put the hanging portion into a bun. In the picture the braid at the front is a regular French braid pulled slightly looser on the top to create a bigger, more romantic style.

Cornrows and bun

cornrow and bun

This is one fun hairstyle which I tried so many times and at so many places and occasions. Actually originated from Africa, it soon became widely popular due to its easy and fun appeal. Just braid strands of hair into a series of French-braid-like locks. Make sure you cling to the head and travel the neck along with your hair length. Then put the hanging portion into a bun.

I hope you like these bun hairstyles!

Which one out of these is your favorite?

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