Burberry Brit Body Lotion Review


I went to shop for perfume and was back with burberry brit body lotion…some time these sales gals are real smart..do you agree?

Burberry Brit – Well then I have been using burberry perfume so I was hoping the lotion to be good too and thus the purchase happen.:)

Burberry Brit Body Lotion
Burberry Brit Body Lotion
  • Product -  Burberry Brit Body Lotion
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price ~ SGD 40 for 150ml (appr. INR 1400)
Burburry Brit Body Lotion
Burburry Body Lotion

My Experience ~

  • Burberry brit lotion comes in a sober creamish colour tube with just the product name written over it.  Sometime it comes in bright Red colour tube too.  Before we move over to the product do you know Burberry is in business from 1856….that’s something right.
  • This is one of best lotion I tried so far.  It required only small amount and instantly it moisturizes even the driest area.  Yup it really does that.  The ingredients not listed on cover but it says …the lotion contains exclusive ingredients to revitalize skin lightweight creamy texture melts easily into skin …keeps skin comfortable and hydrated throughout the day.  Leaves skin with soft comforting and lingering scent.
Burburry Brit Body Lotions
Burburry Brit Body lotions
  • The body lotion smell is floral but clear and it’s quite strong, but once applied on skin it’s becomes mild and subtle and after a while it really become milder.   The lotion is white in colour with little runny consistency and that helps to apply on skin easily and gets absorbs fast.
  • I applied on hand and it’s get absorb so fast and feels real good and it’s not greasy at all and leaves skin feeling fresh with beautiful fragrance and it’s stay on skin for quite long than any other lotion I tried so far.
  • I require only small amount and thus its comes for long time.  I normally use the lotion before bed time and it gets absorbs on my skin so better and feels great.  It’s a fresh and feminine body lotion with an green oriental fragrance that has combination of spices n sugars ..that’s the theme of the lotion.
  • It’s one of those wonderful lotion that we feel we must have and though its expensive but it’s really money well spent or shall we say it’s one luxurious refreshing creamy lotion.  This one you can use on some special occasion or if you are going to attend some party.

Cons ~ None other than it’s expensive.

Though it’s a expensive product but I wouldn’t think much to buy it again..wish they have some on these kind of products too ;)  I love this lotion ..my absolute favorite.


  1. sounds wonderful and looks so classy But OMG 😯 😯 😯 😯 1400/- for 150 ml???? and you bought it :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  2. Yes Meenu and Anshita …I bought it …you are saying OMG for this ..wait until for one of my spl review ..I dont know what I was thinking when I got that 😉 ….need to do the review soon …

    But this is real good …I know bit expensive 🙁


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