Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine Blush Review & Swatches


Remeber Burt’s bees tinted lip balm ? They were such a huge craze on Wise She. You can read  Burt’s bees mango lip butter, Burt’s bees lip shimmer and Burt’s bees lip wax lip balm if you are a little late in knowing about these. Anyone who was going abroad, wanted to order at least a few of them.

This time I asked my friend to get me Burt’s bees lip shine which I saw on their website few months back. I generally keep everything in the cart so that I don’t have to struggle for what to order when going abroad.

What makes these Burt’s bees lip shine interesting is that they are 100% natural and cost just $7 .(By the way they just cost $5.59 on Amazon) They have such amazing natural ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter, Apricot Kernel Wax Blend and Beeswax .

Burts bees lip natural shine review

Lets see what Burt’s Bees says about these Lip Shine:-

About Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine Blush:-

A revolution in vibrant color and pearlescent gloss that doesn’t skimp on nourishing moisture. Inspired by the seasons and formulated with 100% natural ingredients, the new Lip Glosses capture the beauty of dynamic nature in a tube. Infused with moisturizing botanical oils and Beeswax, the glosses nourish and soften while delivery long-lasting, rich color. Available in twelve different shades: Autumn Haze, Fall Foliage, Sweet Sunset, Sunny Day, Ocean Sunrise, Rosy Dawn, Spring Splendor, Summer Twilight, Evening Glow, Ruby Moon, Nearly Dusk and Starry Night.

Burt's bees blush lip shine reviews

I prefer using glossies when my lip shade is really dark and I want to tone it down or when I want those glossy nude  lips .Unfortunately Burt’s bees natural lip shine blush lip shine is really sheer. It’s quite moisturising, juicy and not sticky at all. Also the scent of strawberries is yummy. Lip shines do stay for a while and need to be reapplied after meals.

Burt's bees lip shine india reviews

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine Blush Swatches:-

It’s a beautiful soft pink ..kind of pink how exactly I would like my natural lips to be .Unfortunately. lipgloss is very sheer and shows like as if its a translucent one.

Burts bees lip natural shine swatches

I used the lip gloss under a coral colour sleek lip liner for those juicy coral lips for every day wear.

Burt's bees blush lip shine blush lip swatch

Summing it up –

It’s a decently priced, almost translucent lip gloss with natural ingredients.Something which you will like to top over the lip liner or a lip tint .It’s highly moisturising and  a nice product for dry lips where it will serve the purpose of lip balm as well as a lip gloss and keep lips super soft.

Wise She Rating 3.5/5

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