Busting Myths Related To Coloring Your Hair


Busting Myths Related To Coloring Your Hair

Many of us around have at some point in life been advised about how natural things are great for enhancing the beauty of skin and proper health. Well, with so much developments in every field of life be it nutrition, health & beauty depending upon only natural things is kind of not possible. Here we will be talking mainly about the beauty prospect and not enter any debatable topic.

Loreal hair colouring

Talking about hair coloring for instance is such an apt topic for discussion on the various pros & cons of it. Some people strongly believe hair coloring should not be opted unless all the hair turn grey. I mean hair color is merely for the aged ones & not as a style changer. So, lets talk about some myths which are prevalent in many people’s conscious-

Henna is natural while Hair Color is chemical-

Actually this is now and old tale as many of the people who swear to used henna on their hair are the ones who are suggesting to go for hair coloring due to the drying effects of henna on hair. Also given the fact that henna leaves are not available in abundance so the henna powder which is available in the stores may surely contain many other substance too which means it is not natural in anyway.

Hair Color turns the black hair grey-

It is simply a funny myth which people always give excuse for not coloring their hair. Actually greying of hair has a lot to do with nutritional deficiency & stress. It doesn’t accounts for turning the black hair grey but yes surely colors the grey hair such that it won’t show and your look is not spoiled.Greying of hair isn’t related to hair colours in any way. Hair colour only penetrates the other surfaces and not the hair follicles. Which means if the hair inside the follicle is grey, it will be grey regardless of whether you’ve colour hair or not.

Loreal casting creme review hair colour

Hair Color promotes hair fall-

That’s not true. Just take care that you do not over-process your hair. As long as you follow the instructions, you should be fine.

Hair Color damages the texture of hair-

This is hardly true as many of the hair color using women have the most shiny & flawless hair. This only holds true in the case of the cheap hair dyes available in market these days. Those do no good to hair & surely disturb the natural texture of hair. If you happen to choose a branded color from market, you are bound to see that the texture of your hair has improved and not damaged. Casting Créme Gloss, has absolutely no ammonia and is enriched with Royal Jelly, which has rare nutritive and rejuvenating qualities.

Once hair color, Always have to color-

Well that totally depends on your perception. As hair color only colors the outer layer of hair for a good one and a half months, it is bound to fade when the time is over due to regular washing. So it is totally up to you to carry strands of grey hair or color it again just as henna comes of much earlier in comparison to hair color.

You can also create some gorgeous hairstyles with that coloured hair. Check out Get the look to know more.

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  1. these myths need to be busted…I have been coloring my hair since a while now and its certainly the best thing I have done for my hair, lasting creme gloss is my all time fav hair color love how my hair looks so glossy after using it 🙂

  2. I am 20 and I have had streaks of all sorts of colors and then finally I went for a full head to even out my streaks 😛
    No hair fall, no greys and I haven’t coloured my hair after that 😀

  3. I have been doing that since long as well..although when i was in my high school i got my hair bleached too that wasnt a nice experience..thank God! there r better hair color now.

  4. But I have seen side-effects of hairfall in my mom’s case while she has always used well-known brands like L’Oreal, Matrix and Wella and henna as correctly stated does cause dryness and also gives tht orange colour which at least does not appeal to us… since a while now she has shifted to Colormate and finding it amazing. God knows if it’s safer but there’s no need to add developer, just mixing with water and doesn’t even leave stains on forehead or ears. The only problem is its not easily available


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