My Haul After Wise She Recommendation


By pavani reddy,

Hi friends, I have been on wiseshe for 3 months now and getting inspired by all of you pretty girls I realized that it is time to start some makeup shopping after reading all the good posts about I checked out this site n couldn’t resist..Here iS what I picked frOm the site…I received my package and was surprised to see their extra care in packing that too for free shipping…the palettes were neatly packed in thermacol sheets n bubble wrapped with loads of plasters..though very tiring to open it the stuff inside surely made me jump wit joy..enough of my story lets open it:dance::dance:

This is how they were packed 🙂 experience India

Buyinoins cheap coupon

1.the 120 eyeshadow palette: 12.66$

It has nice 120 shades n it had 1 broken eyeshadow but I m ok wit it only 1 right!!


Buyinoins cheap coupon

2.32 colour Lipgloss palette: 10.62 $

As I m a beginner n frankly have only 2 lipgloss at present,I wanted this.after reading all the posts n seeing the swatches of many lipsticks I didn’t knew which colour to pick so bought this so that I can try all the colours n choose the shades that suit me..

Buyincoins ebay

3.10 colour blush palette: 8.17 $

I loved this the most..all the colors are awesome


Online Shopping India

4.15 colour concealer palette: 5.31 $

I m very new wit this concealer thing so cant write anything but this came wit all the possible colours light,medium,dark even a green n a pink INC +shop low prices

Thank u so much anamika…without wiseshe I would never been able to take this step towards makeup n for posting this haul..

Hope u like my first makeup haul…thank u

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  1. awesome awesome….seriously u r going to love and enjoy each and everything Pavani…i am jealous by your haul 😛

  2. Hawwww…..such a huuuuuuuge haul !!!! Good luck and enjoy your steps into the makeup world….me to taking baby steps…hehe :-))

    Anu you got my mail?

    • NYX packages does have tendency to get misplaced but they will always donchyaa worry :):)

      post man must have given it to his wife fro some trial ..:D

  3. Nice haul Pavani…You got yourself a great deal. 😀 How many days did they take to deliver..and the shipping is free irrespective of quantity of items you buy..?

  4. Such a huge and awesome haul :hypnotized: :hypnotized: And these palettes seem to have become very famous now. Almost every one seems to be getting this. I am drooling over the lip gloss palette especially 😀 Review them Pavani 😀
    And Mitra, you too own these palettes na :smug: The baby is taking big big steps :smug:

  5. thank u all for liking my 1st makeup HAUL 😉 ..though this word z very new to me :silly: :rotfl: n thank u so much anu for posting this..waiting for the other one :blush:

  6. @adivaah-hi adivaah,i used my debit card n paypal account..the package arrived in 18 days :clap: very gud because it was free shipping with no xtra charges :-)) i love this site really :yes: :yes:

  7. @prachi-thank u so much for liking it..ya pretty gud deal 😉 they take 15-20 days to deliver n sometimes may take 1-2 wks long in case of more public holidays…ya shipping is free(i like this the most abt it)irrespective of the no of items..for even a 1$ item they ship it for free :chic: …

  8. amazing haul pavani !! I have d 120 palette from them n love it too..
    I was eyeing the concealer palette next…wud wait for ur review.. :yes:

  9. hi nice haul Pavani, the eye shadows Palette resembles coastal scents Palette,
    do you like them, are they well pigmented ?

  10. @bhumika-thank u for liking the haul…n more big THANK U for introducing the site buyincoins for us bhumika… 🙂

  11. hain why don’t you the say the same abt me 🙁 me too poor gal and me too new to make up :smug: And me more innocent :smug:

      • Yeah 🙂 I am usually not the one who makes friends over the virtual world. All my friends are ppl whom I personally know. But with these blogs, I feel like we have all met together at some point of time :)) So casual it is 🙂

  12. Devil resembles some some like Alien

    Anyways, both devil n devilish angel 😀

    Gudnyt n don’t fight n eat snacks light 🙂 😯 😛

  13. I bought a camera from this site ( which had a bargain price but was utterly disgusted by the quality. The camera was being rated as 12MP but is far far less. I tried contacting them but was being sent from one post to another. I finally opened a paypal dispute and I after sending back camera I’m still waiting to get my money back!!! I recommend all do not buy from this site the product sent to me is a fake one only usable for small children to play with!

  14. dayyum, this is one fine haul! I actually have been lemming for all these palettes, cuz I’m more of a palette girl than a single-pack girl. and these are what I need to start up my hobby!

  15. hey….did u have to pay anything in customs?
    Whenever I order something internationally, I’m stuck with the high custom tax. And was the palette nicely pigmented….Im considering buying it too…hows the stay-on power?


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