C.A.L Los Angeles Chiselled Contour Corrective Kit 4 Shades-2 First Impression


Hello, pretties!

Another first impression from the Amazon Shopping list. We are always on a spree to shop and this time we shopped two Cal Los Angeles products – a blush and a contour corrective kit. Contour and Corrective Kits are a must for every lady’s vanity as they can help you hide your imperfections. And, if you feel which shade to go for which issue, in terms of concealing your flaws, you need to have a good concealer/corrector according to your skin concerns. Now enough of blabbing! Let’s see how this Cal Los Angeles Colour Corrective Kit is. Read on!

What the product claims:

C.A.L Los Angeles Contour Chiselled Corrective Kit Contouring helps to minimise the awkward areas of the face and improve their appearance by making them look lean, thin and attractive. It is helpful in softening the sharp edges of a square face. Edges can also be created for the round face. Cheek contouring makes the face look slim by enhancing the hollows on the face. Contouring the forehead and temple helps to divert the attention to the eyes and mouth. The nose is contoured to make it look small in size. This art is most beneficial for round and plump faces.


This is basically a concealer/colour correcting wheel which is said to be meant for concealing blemishes, contouring and highlighting.

  • Improve Appearance
  • Makes Lean & Thin
  • Soften the Sharp Edges
  • Enhance the Hollows.


INR 550 for 20gm.( Discounted price-INR 395)


The Cal Los Angeles Chiseled Contour Corrective Kit comes in a very convenient packaging as the top lid id fully transparent. You can just put in inside your vanity and don’t need to open it to see the product. The name of the brand as well as the product is written on the top which is a plus point. But the shade number of the product is not written which can be a bit of an issue if you have more than one of these. Overall, packaging seems good to me as I can travel with this baby and can be sorted with my needs.



The CAL Los Angeles Chiseled Contour Corrective Kit has 4 shades which are as follows:

Now we can use the following shades for different purposes which are as follows:

The pinkish shade can be used by ladies with a fair skin tone with cool undertones as a colour to correct their dark circles and spots. This pink colour goes well with their cool undertone to conceal their flaws and make them look brighter and flawless.

The yellow shade can be used by ladies with fair to medium skin tone with a warm undertone to colour correct their flaws. This is a widely used shade by most Indian ladies as most of us have this typical warm undertone to their skin. The yellow colour is neither too pale nor too deep and will suit a variety of skin tone really well. It can also be used as a cream highlighting colour for those who want a subtle glow to their face without a shimmery look.


The off white shade is appropriate for ladies with medium to deeper skin tone as a colour correct shade.

The chocolate shade is a perfect contouring shade for most of the Indian ladies as this has this deep brown colour which will suit fair to dusky skin tone really well.


Texture and pigmentation:

The texture is really creamy and glides on the skin like butter. Being a cream based palette, this works on all skin types (especially dry skin) and looks really natural. The pigmentation is medium which is buildable. I feel this is a great pro for beginners as they can work really easily with this contouring wheel.

By the first impression, it has impressed me. Let’s see how it fares after some trails and tests. Stay tuned for the detailed review folks!




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