C.A.L Los Angeles Sculpt Blush – Pink Champagne Review + FOTD


Hello, ladies!

Cheeks red as roses is always a dream for all girls. Though coral and peach blushes have mainly replaced your makeup vanity, there is always a reason to pick up that traditional pink blush from the store. Pink has always been associated with feminity and so pink blushes are never out of fashion. I am always on the lookout for pink blushes and so when I found this CAL Los Angeles Sculpting Blush Pink Champagne, I had to try it. After doing the first impression, here’s the review.

What does the brand claim:

C.A.L. Los Angeles Sculpt Blusher Add perfect body and tone to the glam of your looks with most iconic shades offered by C.A.L. Los Angeles Blush. Even a soft touch with high-intensity hues will bring out the natural flush on your cheeks. The C.A.L. Los Angeles Blush is ideal for all skin tones. That gives an impeccable finish. This blush is constructed with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness on the skin.

  • Add Perfect Body Tone
  • Most Iconic Shades
  • Soft Touch with High Intensity
  • Natural Flush on Cheeks
  • Impeccable Finish.

How to use the blush:

Take some powder on the blush brush and apply on the apples of the cheek with a light hand.


INR 550 (Discounted price- INR 375)


The CAL Los Angeles Blush comes is a very beautiful black packaging with a transparent top. This enables us to see the product without opening it and yes, even if you have multiple shades, it won’t be an issue. The packaging is really chic and travel-friendly. I simply can adore the sculpt finish of the product for hours. Other than this, all necessary information is written at the back of the product which is a big yay for me. Packaging wise, this is a hit for me.


It has some really nice and finely milled sheen to it which looks really pretty on the cheeks.


The pigmentation is on the higher side and so you need to use a light hand while application. It is well blendable and looks really pretty on all skin tones as I feel pink is a universally flattering colour which suits all.


The colour of the blush is Pink Champagne which means it is a pink blush with a champagne tone to it. It is a universally flattering colour.

What I Feel about the C.A.L Los Angeles Sculpt Blush – Pink Champagne:

The CAL Los Angeles Sculpt Blush in the shade Champagne Pink is a universally flattering colour. This is the perfect colour that will look pretty on all skin tones, whether day or night. I love the little sheen present on the product which makes my cheeks look flushed out. Pigmentation is really nice and you need just one swipe with a light hand to get that blush-y look. Overall, I feel this blush is a really nice pick for the season!

Hand Swatch-

What I like About the C.A.L Los Angeles Sculpt Blush – Pink Champagnet:

  • Good and haulable packaging
  • Easily available on Amazon
  • Texture is not gritty
  • Pigmentation is good
  • Colour is universally flattering
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Suitable for all complexions
  • Has a little sheen to it which looks pretty though

What I dislike about the product:

  • If you love matte blushes, not for you
  • You can look like a clown if you don’t apply with a light hand.



Yes, It is a good option if you are looking for a pink blush at an affordable rate.

Rating- 4/5



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