My C Section Delivery Recovery & Experience


Babies surely do bring a lot of happiness into a home.  They alter your life forever bringing both happiness and sorrow.  Happiness with all of their triumphs and sadness and sorrow with their defeats and misfortunes.  Child birth has brings its own set of problems.  The delivery being the most painful.  Natural birth and a Caesarean are both difficult and the only difference is that natural birth pains during the birthing process and the C-section pains during recover.

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 ceseration birth+my ceserean birth recovery +my Cesarean delivery

Unfortunately, I had a C-section.  I wanted to write about the entire birthing experience but for that I would have to get better and recover fully.  For now I will share with you the week after the operation. Just for your information a caesarean is usually performed when a vaginal delivery puts the baby’s or mother’s life or health at risk, although in recent times it has also been performed on request for childbirths that could otherwise have been natural.

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I consider myself a very strong and dedicated person and I never thought I would have to undergo a C section.  Both of my sisters in law had normal deliveries (vaginal births) twice over.  I was very active throughout my pregnancy and towards the end of my term I worked out for 1-2 hours daily.  When the time finally came I did get labour pains and went through it for many hours with no avail finally at around 10 pm on the 9th of July my obstetrician used her discretion and I was forced to go in for the operation.

It was an hour long ordeal and because of the anaesthesia i got up at around 3 a.m.  My first glimpse was of my husband carrying our baby in his hands.  He must have been on top of the world.  How I wanted to reach out and hold her as well and to enable this he decided to raise the bed up and let me hold my sweet heart.  The nurse declined that request and I guess it was for health reasons. Kapil then showed me her snaps.  She was a stranger to me outside my womb although we beat as one for almost nine months. She was a bit swollen and that gave her a funny look but that was because of the 12 hour birthing ordeal that both she and I had to go through.

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Sleep is like gold at times like these and when I woke up I was in terrible pain.  There is a gnawing thirst but I was not allowed any fluids for 24 hours.  My aunt fortunately wet my lips by giving me a tea spoon of water 3 – 4 times a day.

In medical terms : The lower uterine segment C section is the procedure most commonly used today; it involves a transverse cut just above the edge of the bladder and results in less blood loss and is easier to repair.  If you think it doesn’t sound too bad then you are gravely mistaken.   Looking at my condition and what I went thru depressed me a lot.   It is only a matter of 24 hours before the nurses make you walk.  The stiches pull at your skin as many layers of fat and skin are stitched together.  It is at times like this that one just cannot control their emotions and I cried a lot.  I craved for my previous life.  I wanted it back badly.

Luckily, my cousin sister was there with me and she would scold me and pep me up at the same time. She would reassure me non-stop telling me that I would be fine within 10 days and that the pain will be long forgotten.  Coincidently she herself has had 3 C sections and she is not unhealthy in anyways.  That was very encouraging and it gave me a lot of strength.

You know it’s also in the mind.  Sometimes the body can tolerate the pain but the mind says that you’ve just been operated and your tummy’s been cut.  It weakens you.   I would like to encourage every woman reading this.  God forbid you have to ever have a C section.  If you do no doubt there will be pain but then do remember that the cut that you’ve got is there because of the wonderful gift given only to us women.  The gift and ability to bring life into the world.  It is a blessing that you should treasure.  You are going to leave the hospital with a priceless gift.  You cannot compare the pain to the joy of having the child.

I will keep writing….look out for more articles and updates from me on my recovery.  My family is concerned about my health and they do not encourage me to sit for long in front of the computer. I will also be giving you updates on my diet and effort to lose weight as a PCOs patient.  Hope ! My experience will help out few of the expected moms to be 🙂 …..God bless.

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  1. don even think o losing weight for the next least 7months!!! n ooof!!! u reminded me o my time!!! sheesh!!! scary i tel u!!! n luk i told u!!! i don blv in walkin n al!!! never worked!!! lolz… (excuse the laughin!!) hope u do fine very fast sweetie… :-* :heart: :rose: :drunk:

  2. u write beautifully… i have been married two years n the thot of having a baby is scaring me!my sis in law had a similar experince to urs and after that shes like one baby is enuff hehe!one of my cousin is married to a fitness consultant and he always says one thing.. it take nine months to put on the wt.. atleast give ur body nine months to lose it.!he was shahid kapoors trainer

    • yes! even my doc said that.i don believe in dieting or something.its just abt eating right and the way i still will have one more kid for sure but after real long time

      • haha!thats wht my sis in law says these days now that her son is 3…my sister n i r both scared of having a baby although im in my late twenties now n ppl around me r like high time u think…

        • and some ppl r genetically blessed.. when i was in the airline.. girls used to have 18 month mat .leave to lose the wt.. but some ppl came bk in three months… some cudnt come bk at all…dont stress over the wt.. it will come off.. i know someone who knocked of 35 kgs post delivery just by following a healthy nourishing die..t n a good workout plan

          • omg 35 kgs..thats like an achievement.thanfully i don have to lose that much..moreover losing weight doesnt mean giving up on all the food and all for sure.i eat after ebery hour nowadays:)

          • ya.. 35 kgs.. thats a lot to loose.. i know a distance relative of mine who lost 30 kgs over a period of one year by going on a crash diet.. but know her body has become so weak tht she can eat only a little at a time coz the body doesnt accept much food now… :pain: 😯 😯

        • u know its God which gives lot of strength and who knoqs u might be lucky and get yur baby dekievered in just no time:)..but i will.suggest that don be too late .it makes thing more complicated.

  3. ohh ana.. i am deeply shocked reading ur story… how brave u r to face such amount of pain.. u r truly an ispiration.. i know i am in no position to give any advice but still i would say not to worry.. u vl be alright 🙂
    i never had the slightest idea of pain tht women go through during c-section and i too pray that God help me and all other women during that time…

  4. aww..I totally understand..though am not a mother, my sis went thru a c section so i hav sum so happy for u Ana..congoz on becoming a beautiful mother..:)

    • hi Hema, i m completely fine and don even remember much what i went thru..also as u r 5 month preggi enjoy that time to the fullest…trust me its real fun being preggi:d

  5. aww ana…it’s heart wrenching to hear what u’ve been through. Kapil must’ve been upset to see u cry like this. Hope ure feeling better sweety :hug-makeup:. It’s so nice to hear the words of encouragement ure giving to all the mothers out there esp after all that u went through. Y’kno natural birth hurts after delivery too because of the stitches in the perineum. It’s just awful…u can barely sit and u can’t avoid sitting since u have to feed the baby every 2 hours and sit down to feed urself too 🙁 I had to take pain killers when it hurt unbearably since the pain just weakens the whole body. Eat healthy but eat well since ure eating for two. Breast feeding often will help u shed kilos in no time and u really don’t need to be doing anything else :-)) Hope u recover well and begin to truly enjoy motherhood :hug-makeup: :-*

  6. I am so glad Ana that you made this effort….hopefully, it will help a lot. yes, I have been hearing that lot of people prefer C to normal delivery coz of the pain issues but they do not realize that it gets equally painful after the birth!!! even the so-called painless deliveries are equally harmful for the baby. its always better to go for the normal delivery. you are so right about it!!! hope you enjoying with your darling 🙂 and will forget everything else soon enough!!!

  7. Lovely post Anamika.Even i have gone through this pain..n as my in laws r in a small town, thr were not a good amount of good docs.Suffered a lot…really..But all such pains just vanishes when our baby is in our hands..hai na?.The best gift from god to a woman.
    Really loved the post.
    Hope ur stitches r fine, as some suffer from what we say in hindi ” stitches pakk jana” n all.It gives more pain.My cousin faced this.
    N u know my mom has 4 kids including me,n we all 4 r cesarean.Have given lots of pain to my mommy….

  8. my heart just fell.. ‘m neva goin 2 open dese kinda posts again.. n Salute to all mothers in the world.. I need cupcakes 2 recover now

  9. but it’s selfless love na.. i lov u my mom.. atlast, i hv convinced my mom 2 wear red lippies n she luks so gorgeous in it:D

  10. Don’t worry abt the wt Ana, most of it goes in breastfeeding.. I think I told you already…did I? Donno :p

    C section is a terrible experience, somethin even a dushman shudn’t go thru!
    Even I used to walk a lot and went to office till like last week and still had to have a C section… More than the physical recovery I needed mind recovery coz I wasn’t prepared for a surgery at all.

    Anyway, that’s a past now and I have my angel to light up my life :-*

  11. Very well written Ankita.. and the thought of giving birth and being pregnent scares me like hell…
    But one day I have to do it. I used to think, Csection will be easy then normal delivery, but after reading you my thinking has changed…
    wise you speedy recovery 🙂

  12. brilliant write up Ana. After reading this i just called up my mom and said thank you .. My mom started asking me if i have fever or something. 😀
    A salute to all mothers, my mom had 2 C-sections, and whenever i see those stitches marks, i tell her do you really need to go through THAT ?? and she just smiles and says babies are worth all that pain..
    It gives me shudders .. :worship: .. !!!!!
    Wish you a speedy recovery and lots of love for the angel. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  13. Ana hats off :worship: :worship:
    U r really a strong person… nd u made me cry :'( :'( … u write so well…
    Mera kya hoga shaadi k baad :-\ :-\

  14. Wish you the fastest recovery 🙂 My story is on dot same as yours.. 40 weeks into pregnancy with healthy eating , walking, normal pains for hours and then a C-section…. Now everything seems like a dream.! 3months into baby’s birth… you’ll be almost back to normal :)… until she starts walking that is 🙂

      • infact u knw its ok to have C section i believe so.. cause smtimes normal delivery me bhi they slit the vagina in order to make more space.. n nobdy wud want stitches ovr der :wilt: dnt wry u’l shed d weight too.. bas sham ko baby ko le kr ghumne nikal jaya krna after a month or so or wenever u feel ok .. hws baby doin.. name rkha kya ? 🙂

  15. wishing you speedy recovery ana …. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    i am still reading it again and again … :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  16. i just shudder at the say of pain… ur words are really encouraging …

    they are true words of experience & we can totally relate n understand what one must be going thru..

    God bless u n ur family…. Let him bestow all the happiness, strength, love & one more kiddo on u.. 😀

  17. Hi Ana,

    I am silent reader of ur blog.Even I had a C Section 3 months back and I am perfectly fine now. it will be very tuf the first month and by the end of 3rd month…u wud be fine. Just remember to take the iron and vitamin supplements. I was so tired and in pain the first month. Used to be very dull…but thats ok….u wud do gud. Also congrats again for a beautiful baby.



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