Cabotine De Gres Perfume Review


Have you ever loved a perfume simply because it reminds you of something special? Cabotine did it for me this time. I found this particular beauty sample size in my December Vellvette box and immediately applied it. I was so taken with it that I have ordered the full size bottle and now I guess the next few months I will smell of it, and I am now suffering from a broken wallet yet again, at the beginning of the New Year at that.


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  • Quantity: 50 ml.
  • Price: 2200/-
  • Top Note: Coriander, Black Currant, Plum, Cassia, Peach, Tangerine, Orange Blossom
  • Heart Note: Carnation, Tuberose, Iris, Violet, Freesia, Ginger, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang, Rose
  • Base Note: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Civet, Vanilla, Vetiver, Cedar, Black Currant


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My take on Cabotine de Gres Perfume:

Typically, Cabotine de Gres is a “young” perfume, with the top notes of tangerine, ginger and ylang ylang. Which means, when I smelled it from afar, the faintest citrus hints hit my nose first. However, after keeping it on my skin for about an hour or so, the hearts started to float out of it. I loved the smell even more then, as a core of tuberoses came out then. For the uninitiated, tuberose is Rajanigandha, one of the flowers which assure me with its soothing, slightly melancholic and thoroughly beautiful hints. There is a little underline of musk and sandalwood which is really faint, overpowered by a decided hint of berries that lies at the bottom.


Cabotine Perfume Review+perfume review+perfume for women


I love the complexity of the perfume. It is a smell that is thoroughly sensual, but at the same time has the encapsulated bits of youth laced through it. And the perfume is great when you are not over-applying it. Hints of it all over your pulse points, and a dot around the corner of your ear is all it takes to make it smell divine. The lasting power of this perfume is very good, and it has actually lasted me through the night. I like the fact that though the perfume is meant for slightly younger people, it is a thoroughly feminine smell and is appreciated a lot (you have NO idea how many compliments I received for it). Also, I have friends who have sensitive noses which get irritated at the drop of a hat. I have spent a lot of time with them and this has not triggered off a sneeze fest, and they have actually said they did not mind the smell, and one even used it on herself. Also, it is not allergic to my skin or theirs.


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The perfume is available at massive discounts in several online portals (including Snapdeal) and you can buy it at a discount easily.


What I like about Cabotine de Gres Perfume:-

  • Gorgeous smell
  • Really good lasting power
  • Not allergic
  • Quite economic compared to most other perfumes


Verdict: 5/5

I love this. I adore this. I really do.


Have you tried Caboting De Gres Perfume?

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  1. Mine is already over :(( I loved the smell so much that I used to smell it all day long…my hubby was really sad that I loved this sample more than the Dior perfumes he gifted me 🙂

  2. So nicely written poori :yes: Rajniganda is my mom’s fav flower. I usually get her some on her b’day. Maybe nxt time i cud gift her this 🙂

  3. i got this sample and love its scent too…i want the full size too..Poo, when u get the full size cud u maybe show us a pic so that i can get an idea of the size?


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