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Calosoft Lotion

Come summer and along with it come the rashes and prickly heat ,especially if you live in a humid area!Or have skin that is so sensitive that it reacts to waxing ,Like mine.I got my back waxed recently was left with a  nasty red rash …Enter my saviour. Calosoft Lotion!This lotion is a combination of calamine  and aloe vera..Ingredients which are famous for their soothing properties.Most people feel that calamine lotion alone will take care of rashes ,but this is a step further with one more soothing ingredient added to it !


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  • Price: Rs.125 for 100 ml


 Calosoft Lotion Ingredients:-


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My experience with Calosoft Lotion:-

The packaging is a bit boring , but then , one cannot expect fancy packaging available at the pharmacy !The lotion looks a lot like our trusted Lac to calamine lotion or caladryl lotion. But is far more soothing , maybe because of the aloe vera added in it.

When I had broken out into a rash,I was asked by the doc to apply it twice daily .It absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a pinkish cast. This works beautifully even after bleaching as it calms the slight redness one sees after a bleaching session.


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When applied on the face also, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a pinkish cast and can be used under makeup,although I wouldn’t recommend it. Its best to leave irritated skin makeup free to lend itself to healing quickly.

After applying this on my waxing rash.My skin healed in about three to four days.Now ,I usually apply it after waxing or bleaching as a precautionary measure.

However,This is a doctor recommended product , and i would advise you to talk to your doc as all allergies and rashes are different and they have to be treated differently .This suits me very well though and I will always keep this in my medical kit at home.


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What I like about Calosoft Lotion:-


  • Heals skin quickly
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t leave a pinkish cast on the skin
  • Easily available at all chemists and pharmacies.


What I don’t like about Calosoft Lotion:-


  • none

Rating: 4.5/5


 Have you tried Calosoft Lotion?


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      • Yeah preeti its helpful.. Bcoz its a prescription product .. Although its avlb overthe counter in india .. Maybe thats y uhavent heard of it!but works like a charm!

  1. Nice one Shwetha. Ive used this when i had a bad bout of rashes. My derma said, for best results store it in the fridge and then apply. It feels sooo cool n soothing 🙂

  2. Well, Calasoft works best for Combination skin(Oily+Normal). Its actually worth it. You can use it as Night cream to get a clearer skin without any added cosmetic to it. Try it 1ce !!

  3. I used calosoft lotion (alternatively with coconut oil in night to avoid stain of oil&) calosoft lotion during day on the penile ulcer which had resulted into a wound ruptured from the fused tissue of the fore skin while washing my retracted fore skin. [ I had developed paraphimose too due to prolonged retraction of fore skin after applying skin ointment (Ciprofloxacin Ophthalmic) on the ulcer]. On doctors advice I stopped using the ointment & used this lotion by dropping a few drops into the closed fore skin and pressing manually to spread & reach the wound/ulcer. It healed after 3 application completely and softened the the interior scar. I continued for 2 more days – the tissue changed to normalcy. I washed the scalings caused due to this lotion with coconut oil. the fused skin also came apart without a crack to normalcy!

  4. can we apply it after washing the face? after applying calosoft -AF how many hours can it be leaved on face and then after how many hourse we can wash our face? is this can be used more than 2 times? i have sunburn prblm,my fcae is itching, it becomes highly red, doc prescribed it to me, but after apllying iam getting scare of washing my face with facewash, does any time needed to wash, or it just treated like normal lotion?


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