Calvin Klein Facial Scrub Papaya Review


Calvin Klein Facial Scrub Pappaya Review   

Hello girls!..This is a tu tu mein mein/you you i i..  .. review on Calvin klien facial scrub pappaya (videsi)  vs  Everyuth facial scrub  ultra mild with apricot and papaya(desi).

CK facial scrub reviews+calvin klein facial scrub pappaya reviews

I saw this scrub  in my local super market yesterday..and as soon as i saw this huge sized facial scrub that too from calvin klien ..kanna laddu thina aasaya(beta mann mein laddu phoota kya) ..i quickly looked into the price as rs 175..kanna innoru laddu thinna aasaya(beta mann mein doosra laddu phuta kya)..sorry cadbury!..i decided to pick it up.

Coming back to the review..videsi  refers to calvin klien and desi refers to our own ever yuth ultra mild scrub..this is just a strange imagination..imagining if the products could they would defend themselves..

for our ladies who don’t speak means some one from our country and videsi means foreigner

as always..we indians speak first..


Desi: Oye videshi..phele papaya ko pappaya bolna band kar(stop calling papaya as pappaya)
Videsi:what ..what did you say!

Desi:I am mild and good for every day use..
Videsi:You are ordinary..i am used on special ocassions!

Videsi: i am huge in size..and weigh 250 gms!
Desi: oye ..we are only scrubbers..size doesn’t matter!   you are so heavy  and huge to carry around and wont  find a place in indian working women’s  handbag  who carry  ever thing except the tv ,fridge and sofas in their bag!

Videsi: I am enriched with goodness of apricot and papaya

Desi:shame to shame(same to same)

Videsi: I come with full ingredients list.. tujme mein hain whai muj mein  bhi hoga(i too will possibly have what u have)..lekin india mein key ingredients se kaam chaltha hai(in india it is is acceptable  even only when the key ingredients are listed)

Videsi:I am imported..
Desi: I am easily available

Videsi:I  cost Rs 175 for 250 gms
Desi: I  cost Rs 85 at 125 gms..pretty much shame to shame(same to same)

Videsi: I  am enriched with provitamin b5
Desi: vitamin?..who tho hamey apne khane se mil jaatha hai(we derive vitamin
from food)

Videsi: My liftime is 3 yrs
Desi:Shame to shame again(same to same )

Videsi:I can be used in shower too!
Desi:Then don’t call ur self facial scrub..actually with ur size it s better if we use you in shower rather than a facila scrub!

Desi:I  can be used by sensitive skinned people.
Videsi: well there are other people too living in this world!

Videsi:I  come with a screw top lid
Desi: I am flip open type

 If your head is spinning reading the above..just look at the gist below

Calvin klein facial scrub pappaya




What does it say on the product?

CK scrubs India

scrub for sensitive skin CK reviews India makeup

What I liked about Calvin Klein Facial Scrub Pappaya 

  • Comes in other variations too like rose,lemon etc(i saw about 5-6 variations )
  • Could be used as a body scrub too
  • Enriched  with pro vitamin b5
  • Deeper scrubbing as the particles are bigger in size

What I do not like Calvein Klein Facial Scrub 

  • I  just dint like the smell of it in pappaya litteraly stinks
  • This pack is not travel friendly due to its size..but  it may be available in smaller packages too..i am not sure
  • Might hurt the sensitive skinned
  • Not suitable for everyday use though it is mentioned in the product
  • Availabilty
  • Could have been better with a flip open lid

Final verdict: it is just an ordinary scrub and comparable to any other scrub availabe locally.nothing is better as a body scrub and will remain in my bath wardrobe!

So will i say…..pardesi pardesi jaana nahin?…well no i wuld rather let him go because he stinks!

Ratings  – 3/5

Everyuth facial scrub  ultra mild scrub

Ever yuth facial scrub apricot reviews+APRICOT SCRUB


CK facial scrub reviews VS ever yuth scrub REVIEWS

What I liked about Ever yuth Ultra Mild Facial Scrub 

  • As you can see from the picture the  ever yuth scrub is milder and suitable for every day use.
  • Easily available
  • Available in various sized packages

What I do not like Ever Yuth Ultra Mild Facial Scrub

  • Ingredients list is not mentioned!
  • I cant  think of any other cons

and the winner is.. Made in India, made in india…ever yuth!

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  1. hahaha nice one jewel :rotfl: but ck scrub n tht too at 175.. whick ck is dis atleast its not d ck i knw ?:-) i guess dis is desi ck only 😛

  2. Nice review Jewel !!!
    I have CK scrub (Ccocoa butter) bigger tube
    somehow the scrub particles are too big and harsh for my sensitive skin.
    moreover it doesnt feel that creamy too.
    I love my nuetrogena scrub. that was way too creamy and safe for my sensitive skin !!
    shame to shame :rotfl: I also use it as shower scrub :rotfl: shame to shame !!!

  3. I am sure this is a dupe . Being in the west or the middle east there arent skincare products for CK. Other than a body-lotion or body wash that comes in seasonal gift sets. Also premium brands are particular on the labeling, they will never misspell.

  4. :laugh: :laugh:

    Super post Jewels.. You conveyed everything in that conversation..Very creative…You will shine with a career in creative media/ Advt etc…keep it up…and keep writing such stuff again

  5. haha! the min i saw that ud written this jewel, i stopped flipping thru other windows and read this word for word!!! brought a huuuugggeeee smile to my face!! :)) :)) haha!!

    lovely review..i guess both r sorta same only…but i cud never imagine CK ka FW to be so cheap… :dazed: :dazed:

  6. super funny Jewel………loved reading it ……..mainly when i was reading this line ” indian working women’s handbag who carry ever thing except the tv ,fridge and sofas in their bag!” i couldnt stop laughing 😉

    • haha! I was laughing at that too Siri…and i realised that thats probably the only thing left for us to carry…otherwise we carry practically the whole world in r purses 🙂

  7. i love everyuth too. :tap-dance: :tap-dance: the walnut scrub is amazing. it really makes my skin look bright and super smooth. I have tried others like Loreal and they are not quite as good as Everyuth.

  8. Does papaya has some specific advantages? As I use Essentials Tropical Fruits Mask and that seems to me quite great. I have been using it for a while and it’s amazing.


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