Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball Review


Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball

Hi Everyone!! Thank you for appreciating my first review about Cheryl’s Skin Freshner. I am glad you all liked it. After having good response, here i am with another review about Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY roller ball. Let’s get started…


Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball Review Bottle+women perfume


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About Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball:-

As the name suggests, it is a roll on with the fragrance of SHEER BEAUTY perfume that Calvin Klein has launched. I believe this complimentary roller ball would be a kind of marketing strategy by Calvin Klein for people to know about the launch of new fragrance.

Its packaging is very sleek cylindrical glass bottle with a metal lid. So apt for travelling.


Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball Review+perfume for women


The composition is floral – fruity, opening with notes of bergamot, red berries and peach Bellini. The perfume’s core includes flowers of peony, pink lily and jasmine. The base is velvety due to accords of sandalwood, musk and vanilla blossom. Information gathered from internet. I don’t have a great nose to get the hitch of all the ingredients used in any of the composition just by smelling it or tasting it, be it a meal or perfume for that matter. I really give respect and accolades to all the contestants of Masterchef series who go through these tough tasks and some of them who gets clear in it. Amazing!!!



Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball Review Ingredients+perfume reviews


My take on Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball:

I loved the fragrance. Leaving aside the information about all the ingredients, I feel it’s more of an evening smell soon after you rub it on your skin. It seems it is best to be carried with evening gowns and dresses for formal kind of parties. Quite dressy!!!

But just after an hour or so it becomes so mild that it looks like an everyday fragrance. Does not last longer… or maybe i should say it “any long” ;-p. Chances are such that you may have to keep doing touch ups of this roll on more than your lip colour if you choose to use it on any of the occasions :-p

I read it somewhere ‘If you can’t smell the perfume you’re wearing, it means it’s the right perfume for you!’ I wonder it may be right here. As i can’t smell the perfume i am wearing but according to this saying there are chances that others might smell it. But in that case, it would be a treat for other’s nose more than mine.


Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball Review Perfume+fragrance women


Roller balls or any perfume for that matter should be applied to pulse points on your body to get them stay for longer. They say pulse points absorb it better. And, the absorbing capacity even gets better when fragrances are applied soon after bathing. The reason is, your pores get open whenever you take shower and your body absorbs the fragrance better making it stay for longer.

What I like about Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY roller ball

  • Sleek beautiful bottle
  • Awesome fragrance

What I don’t like about Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball:

  • Does not stay longer

Do I recommend Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY roller bal:

It is good as long as we ignore its characteristic of not-so-longer staying capacity. Probably perfume would be better.

Have you tried Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball?





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