Cami Secret Clip on Mock Camisoles Review


Cami Secret – Clip on Mock Camisoles 

Has this happened to us anytime? It happens many a times? Is this an awkward situation? It puts us completely out of our comfort zone. Men will be men…. Result of this.

Cami Secret Review_Office wear

We shy away from wearing are favorite deep neck dresses and tops. Why compromise?? There is a solution.

Cami Secret Review_Deep neck dresses


Cami Secret – Clip-on Mock Camisoles are a great handy and utilitarian invention that gives the right coverage without destroying the aesthetic value of the dress.

Cami Secret Review Package+camisole

I came across this solution of a similar thing on but it was expensive, INR 500 for any one color of our choice. While I was still contemplation should I and should I not I came across this add of Cami Secret on my Facebook home page. This was a super, I not only got 3 colors of Cami Secret (White, Beige and Black) , I also paid just INR299+25 (Delivery charges) . The best part this comes with a beautiful lace lining that adds to the elegance of the utilitarian product.

Cami Secret Review White Beige Black Linen+lace cami

These are 3 different colors, White, Beige and Black. These pics will also give you an idea about their texture and intricate lace design. The material is a mix of hosiery and synthetic. The synthetic texture gives the material sheen and smoothness. The hosiery material gives the material a good fall, hence it will not resurface up.

Cami Secret Review Smooth Linen+cami secret

It comes with an instruction manual. Not that you will need it. It’s damn simple.

Cami Secret Review Directions+camis

These easy to use clips secure on your bra straps and help to keep the Cami Secret intact.

Cami Secret Review Buckle+cami top

Here is their official website:

Will I repurchase: No need. This will last me forever.

Another Secret Weapon that I use. Can you guess its utility?

Cami Secret Review Clips+secret cami

Cami Secret Review linen+silk cami

This will give you an idea of the thickness and neat finish of the product.

What I like about Cami Secret:-


  1. Covers cleavage from exposure.
  2. I can wear any plunging neck clothing without any shyness.
  3. I don’t have to wear a full cami inside that adds in a lot of bulk on you.
  4. In summers when you don’t want to layer up this serves perfect.
  5. Nice fall of material that secures the cami secret in place.
  6. Lace lining adds in beauty and feminity if the dress/top.
  7. 3 colors for variety of options.
  8. It can give a usual top/ dress just the right amount of zing with a dash of color.

What I don’t like about Cami Secret:

  1. Nothing at all.

Where I got it from: . It took them 1 week to deliver. Comes in discreet packaging.

Price: INR 299 + INR 25 for delivery under INR 500 I think.

Have you tried Cami Secret?


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  1. u knw i have seen dis so many tyms on zivame never thot of trying dem…i can easily wear my low cut dresses n be decent O:-) ordering it rite away…. wht r dose round round things 😀

  2. Ok girls the secret weapon is its a BRA STRAP HOLDER. We often face the issue of bra fslipping off our shoulders right?? You can securely hold the straps with at the back with this.

    Well I will share a picture with Anamika and she can post it for all of you to under stand it better. 🙂

  3. thankyou avanti…….ur post is very informative and usefull……i m going to order them…..
    and where to buy those bra strap holders……i need them too

  4. Ooh..this is super..I’d seen it at a lingerie store where I went t get maternity stuff..the lady was telling me how moms also get this …makes feeding easier and one doesn’t have t wear boring clothes to do it!

    • Oh ya! It will quite a help for u..especially when u feed the baby in malls and all..maternity dressez r little lose..acha tell me how much was it off there?


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