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Carmex lip balm is one that I have been using for years, despite its lack of availability and India (and even in France). Whenever anyone from my family travels to the US or UK, I make sure they pick up several tubes of this lip balm and I truly cannot imagine my life without it.


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Let me give you a few details about this balm before telling you why I love it so much.

Carmex lip balm comes in three different kinds of packaging – a stick, a pot and a tube. There are also several flavors, such as Cherry and Pomegranate. I own the lip balm in tube form in the original flavor. The tube contains 10g of lip balm. According to, this tube costs $1.59 in the US.


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Ingredients: Petrolatum, Lanolin, Cetyl Esters, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Cera Alba, Paraffinum Liquidum, Camphor, Menthol, Salicylic Acid, Aroma, Vanillin.

I use this when my lips are at their most chapped and peeling. I apply a thick layer overnight and by the time I wake up in the morning, my lips are back to a smooth and moisturized state.  So, I love Carmex lip balm for its healing and soothing properties – no other lip balm heals my lips so effectively. I’m also a big fan of the packaging – it is colourful and cheery and easy to use, unlike lip balms that come in a pot.

There are some negatives of this lip balm though. There is a slight tingling when I apply it, which doesn’t bother me, but may irritate some. It also has a strong smell, a mentholated one, that some people may find too much, but I’m okay with that too. And of course, its lack of availability is annoying. I’m in a constant panic that I will run out of it!

I don’t think I will stop Carmex lip balm anytime soon. It is one of my Holy Grail products. Have you tried it? Do you want to? Do let me know in the comments!


Have you tried Carmex lip balm ?


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  1. Nice one Ki :yes: I’ve yet to see a bad review on this product. This is perhaps one of the most raved about lip balm for chapped lips. Toooo bad we don’t get them here 🙁

  2. i have 2-3 carmex lipbalm n i use it on n off co i have so many others to finish. i love Carmex lipbalms tooo but there r better ones like a brand called “simply pleasures” which my aunt got from US. so i prefer that! :-))

  3. Hey Ki, my desperate search for an ideal lip balm is still ON. Unfortunately, I have not come across any that I can say is for ‘keeps’! There are many reasons for that and one of the reason is obviously I dont like lip balms ‘that comes in a pot’ (as mentioned by you)! So, If I want to buy “Carmex Lip Balm” where will i get it? Do you know any website where I can order it Online? I really like the review and I will certainly want to give it a try!
    Thanks dear!


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