Causes of Acne/pimple prevention and cure through Homeopathy


By the time we reach adolescence various hormonal changes start taking place in our body. Hormones like estrogen, progestin, testosterone and gonadotropin are important ones.

In girls, Estrogen and progestin help in development of breasts, thinning of voice, initiate periods, make skin soft and are conducive in pubic hair growth. Last two hormones are male hormones which thicken their voice, make body stronger and mark the onset of puberty.

What exactly is acne and why it occurs?

When the body is going through these changes ,sweat and oil glands inside the skin sometimes secrete excess of oil which is an ideal medium for the environmental bacteria to flourish.These bacteria enter the glands and spread infection resulting swelling,rashes,itching and eventually pus.The future of acne depends upon the skin type.On a normal skin it dries up in 3-4 days and gets normal by itself but people with dry and oily skin face difficult problems .Sometimes a whole array of pimples pops up on the face and stretches up to months and in worse cases even up to years.


Few precautions to follow to prevent acne

1. Start taking care of your skin by the right age(12-14 yrs.)

2. Drink lots of water and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables in raw forms.

3. Avoid fast food which also includes ice-creams, jams, and pickles. I know they cannot be fully avoided but you can go slow with them and increase your intake of fruits and fluids to compensate.

4. If your stomach is clean then probability of acne reduces many folds.

5. Avoid unnecessary stress and tension.

6. Try using more of herbal remedies rather than relying on various commercial beauty products for cleansing and moisturizing .

7. In winters keep a hot water towel on your face which open up your pores and cleans the germs inside skin.

Cure through Homeopathic medicine

Small white balls of homeopathy are no less than a gem which makes skin soft and free from acne. There is no one common medicine available for acne in homeopathy therefore one should be careful while taking them. All acne is not same and therefore needs proper analysis.

Below mentioned medicines still benefits many people.

1.Veriolinum-Those who have yellow pimples can take CM or 1m power of this medicine once in a week .People who have pus in acne are given this remedy. This medicine is believed to do magic .Also helps people skin whose acne leave spots.

2. Calcaria carbonica-People with fair complexion with blue or green eyes and silky hair are given this medicine.Also to people who start gaining weight moment they enter into their adolescence. Especially to women who suffer from irregular periods and their hands and feet are colder compare to their body temperature. Women with these symptoms are more prone to acne and this medicine helps magically .

3.Berberis Aquafolium-People whose skin is dry, life less and their pimple appear like( gath) then taking 20 -30 drops of mother tincture 3-4 times a day for two months regularly shows phenomenal result. It not only removes pimples but make skin beautiful and glowing.

4.Dulcamera-People have pimples during rainy season can use this medicine . Many women suffer fromimples before their periods can use this medicine this medicine is a good cure at that time. Acne which has water substance in them or itch can be cured through this medicine.

5.Persorinum-Solution to the pimple problem for those who have oily skin is persorinum 1000.It can be taken 3-4 times a week .Also, if your skin looks dirty even if you regularly clean it then you can use this medicine.

Disclaimer-I am not a doctor by profession and this article is based on me personnel research and study. You should not use this article as a substitute for professional medical advice. Although I recommended this medicine to some of my friends and it gave them exceptional result but they too consulted their doctor before taking them.

For serious ailments, or if symptoms persist, you must see a medical professional. You should not stop taking prescribed medication without consulting your doctor. Not all conditions will respond to homeopathic treatment.


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