Causes of dry skin problems


If you understand the basics of skin then you will be able to understand the causes of dry skin too. A normal skin contains natural lipids or fatty oils which store the moisture and leave the skin soft and supple. External environmental causes or internal health conditions dries out the skin very easily.

If dry skin is not treated with in time it can let all sorts of bacteria inside leading to various problems .Some of the prevalent causes of dry skin are as follows:-
Long hot baths-Our fatty oils that are stored in the which skin gets washed away when the skin is exposed to hot water for long. If after a hot shower your skin feels tight then it means your skin has dried out. So those who have dry skin problem should limit their hot water bath .
Soaps-We lose lot of essential oils from our skin when we scrub from soap. Most of the market product soaps dries out the skin and it is only the glycerin or some herbal soaps which can actually prevent the skin from drying out.
Air-Air which is dry or harsh sucks the moisture from the skin and causes itch too. Even air conditioner and heaters dries out the skin and therefore it is always better to limit there uses.

Above are some of the common problems faced by those who have dry skin. To know some of the cures click here.
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  1. I too love loooong hot baths and therefore I almost dip my self with oil in winters to protect the vital oils from my skin.Thanks for passing by ..

  2. Good info. I have very dry skin too, and can't give up hot baths. But I used a sugar scrub, and moisturizer from Eight Body Moisture which I think is simply the best I've ever found. It has 14 essential oils in it, smell great going on but the scent dissipates after it absorbs into your skin. You learn more about them at


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