Causes of dull skin and how to get back the glow on the skin


Your skin represents your health and a glowing skin is apparently the most visible feature of your personality.

Few causes of dull skin are
*Less than seven hours sleep which results in dark eye circles, early wrinkling,  under eye bags etc.
*Too much of sun exposure and even lack of sun exposure both can spoil your skin. Albeit one should not expose their face to the sun when sun rays are in its extreme. Always cover yourself with a high SPF cream.
Standing under the sun in early morning between 8 to 10 p.m and evening between 5 to 6p.m is considered good for the skin.
*If you want glowing skin then limit the usage of alcohol and ban cigarette all together. They are biggest factor which leads to dehydration of the skin. Cigarettes shrink the blood supply to your skin which leads to early wrinkles.
*Excess of coffee or tea dehydrates your skin and leads to wrinkles
*Using too much of foundation and not removing it off before going to the bed leads to various skin problems. As foundation blocks the skin pores from breathing.
*Stress is also one of the major factors of a dull skin.
Now when we know the various causes of a dull complexion, let us know what can give you beautiful complexion.
*Apples brings back the glow on the skin this is because it contains vitamins and pectins. Pectins absorbs the toxins from the skin and helps in neutralizing the skin damage.
*Fruits like pomegranates and orange contain vitamin C which slows down the aging process. Even lemon which contain Vitamin C helps in making skin soft and supple.
*Eating green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cilantro and salad repairs the skins. These vegetables contains vitamin A which is essential for the skin.
Red vegetables like carrot and tomatoes (well many consider tomato as a fruit also) contain pigment lycopene which helps is skin repair.
Almonds and flax seeds contain essentials oils which are required for nourishing your skin.
Now to fill up all these requirement one can have bottle gourd ( lauki juice )daily. To make the juice take bottle gourd and add carrot, ginger, apple, mint and throw all these veggies in a mixer grinder .Filter the juice with the help of a large sieve and add some salt and black pepper in it. You can have this juice every day too. If you like to make it little sweet then increase the quantity of apples in it.
This juice wont be the best of the juice which you have but it surely will make your skin glow after some time.
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  1. As you said, after consuming flax seed powder in regular diet, I could feel the changes in my texture.Will bookmark this article. Thanks for sharing Anamiks 🙂

  2. actually..,my skin has bcome dark in this 2 years..i dont know d reason…i thnk soo bcoz i eat a lot of non-veg n i increased d rate of eatng non veg in this few years only…wat can i doo for my skin..i really wanna glow again back..having a really bad time..please help..and my skin is darker on the area near the nose and forehead….please help anumika…!

  3. My skin used to be very dry and dull. My friend suggested me to use Juvabrite cream. It is a dermatologically tested product for age spot and brightening complex. I use it twice daily and the results are good. One can use this product.


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