Causes of oily hair and tips to maintain them

Pollution, irritation, stress and fast food has effected our skin and hair badly.There have been lot of studies and various discussion about the causes of oily hair and these are some of the factors which leads to oily scalp.

To look good we try to keep our body fit and look good too.When it comes to good look out hair is also one of its essential part isn’t?Before thinking of any of the cure let us know what causes oily hair.
Recent studies have proved that too much of oil in the hair and scalp is due to over hyper sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produces oil for the follicle shafts and cuticles which gives healthy glow to out hair.But improper function of this gland can result in excess production then what is required will result in hair which is oily and greasy.
Also our lifestyle and hygiene plays an important role in keeping our hair healthy. If a certain bacteria becomes unavoidable then it can lead to scalp irritation and infection easily which will get combined with too much oil of the scalp. Seboorheic is one of the examples for this.
Below simple remedies can help out those who suffer from oily and greasy scalp problem.
*Do not wash your hair every day. Washing hair twice or thrice a week is more than enough .Every day washing of hair result in greasy hair.
*Use shampoos which are meant especially for oily hair.
*Many people rinse their hair harshly.This result in undue production of sebum oil. Always be gentle to your hair while washing them.
*Always apply conditioner on the tips of the hair and not at all on the roots when you are washing them.
*Go slow with brushing. Frequent brushing disturbs the oils of the hair and result in excess production of sebaceous gland.
*Eat less of fats and drink more water.
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