Causes of Vaginal Imbalance And Tts Prevention


Causes of Vaginal Imbalance And Tts Prevention

This has been one of the most sensitive topics which were not discussed as importantly as other health problems. The main obstacle behind was the lack of awareness among women themselves although the target gender suffering with these issues are women only. I personally extend enormous thanks to the television commercials which have now shown interest in this area as well. Now at least women know how important their vaginal health is, just as their overall health, and are taking necessary steps to avoid any further problems.

Until now the most common infections that have been known about in the vagina in women are yeast or bacterial infections which may lead to some serious reproductive issues if not overlooked properly. Firstly, let us know about the causes of vaginal imbalance.

The Causes of Vaginal Flora Imbalance

What is Vaginal Imbalance-?

A healthy vagina is itself well accustomed to keep it clean, just as we have certain immunity in our bodies which resist to certain harmful disease causing agents, in the same way vagina is naturally evolved to keep away infections with the help of natural secretions (discharge).

The vagina contains certain good bacteria which help in keeping infections at a distance and maintain the ideal pH balance of the vagina at a constant check. Lactobacillus is the good bacteria which is present in the vagina and produces lactic acid as that is the ideal pH of a healthy vagina (pH between 3.5-4.5). The acidic nature of vagina controls bacterial influence as they cannot survive in a lower pH or acidic medium. So, basically any disruption in the acidity of vagina leads to vaginal imbalance and it may arise some health issues.

Causes of Vaginal Imbalance-

  • Sexual activity-

The acidic nature of vagina is disturbed, as the semen is alkaline in nature, so it causes a natural pH imbalance.

Lack of proper knowledge of keeping the vagina hygienic is another cause. The surrounding area of the vagina should be kept clean as it is very close enough so there are more chances that vagina will be more prone to infections. While menstruating it is essential to clean the vagina as it is more susceptible to get infections at that time.

  • Hormonal Fluctuations-


Drastic changes occur in the body in case of pregnancy and breast feeding and may cause changes in the body including the vaginal environment.

The use of hygiene sprays, perfumed soaps or washes & vaginal wipes is also major reason which disturbs vagina’s normal pH and eventually invites infections.

  • Vaginal Douching-

Douching washes out the natural secretions and all the good bacteria too, so this disrupts the acidic nature of vagina.

Steps to prevent vaginal imbalance-

It is very important to be well acquainted with the basics of our body and the things that should be clearly followed in order to achieve a healthy self. Here are a few steps which help in maintain proper vaginal balance-

This is the most important step that needs to be followed strictly by every woman and it will eliminate a couple of problems leading to the pH disturbance. 2 out 3 women do suffer with some type of vaginal imbalance at some point of time in their life.Washing the vagina like a normal body part with a gentle intimate wash or vaginal wash will keep it clean and will not hinder with the acidic medium. Nowadays there are several pH balanced feminine washes available which are medically formulated to be used on the intimate areas.

It can ideally be used after sexual activity so that the vagina is able to restore its self cleansing mechanism.

And because these are fragrance free like water there is no question of any disturbance due to the use of a perfumed product.

I prefer using  everteen natural intimate wash for the reason as it’s free from chemicals and its soap , SLES, & SLS free. Product has a gel consistency and is of yellowish colour.

Everteen natural intimate wash

 It’s soothing and definitely will help those who experience irritation or itching .It gives a squeaky clean feeling  and is helpful during the chums/periods .What is the best thing about the product is that it has mostly natural ingredients so you are not much worried about lot of chemicals entering into your body.

It has kind of a mild herbal fragrance which is not long lasting and is quite mild for all skin and maintain pH balance

  • Say no to Vaginal Douching-

Vaginal douching is strictly prohibited by doctors also instead of it they too advise to normally wash vagina using a gentle wash and that would be sufficient for a day.

  • Proper hygiene in ‘those’ days-

Changing pads after every six hours and washing the vagina with a pH balanced feminine wash is very necessary and mostly recommended by doctors which will prevent any imbalance.

Do share any vaginal imbalance preventive measure which we forgot to talk about ?

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