Celebrities In Their 40’s Who Haven’t Aged A Day


Celebrities In Their 40’s Who Haven’t Aged A Day

Ageing is a beautiful phenomenon, and those who accept it with full heart, are the ones who age the most graciously, no exceptions here.

People say youth is something which doesn’t stay with you for long; some even say that ageing takes a toll on one’s youthful beauty? But for some celebs; who proved all these norms wrong; age is just some another number which does not matter to them, and why should it? Just look at them and you’ll know.

Tisca Chopra

Tisca chopra

The Taare zameen par and Dil to baccha hai ji fame actress Tisca Chopra is one of those eternal beauties of Bollywood who have aged, but in a manner unmatched. Recently she did a shoot for vogue, with the theme love your curves. Loving your curves at 40, that is commendable, right?

Eva Longoria

Aishwarya Clicking Selfie With Eva Longoria

She is one of those evergreen beauties in Hollywood, who no matter her age is the heartthrob of a millions. Desperate Housewives fame Gaby, is one of the favorite characters of mine, personally. And her looks, oh my god, she can kill with just a cat walk even at this age.

Rachel Karen Green

Rachel hair Cut

One of my favorite TV shows, Friends fame Rach, has been breaking hearts since 1980’s and still continues to do so. Reason? People have been loving her, and have been continued to feel intrigued by the very mystery of how can she look just the same, so many years henceforth?

Malaika Arora Khan

Staying true to her fame name of being the Yummy Mummy; Malaika Arora Khan can pep up any stage she is on in. Being a petite curvy woman, god knows how she has maintained that gorgeous skin and stunning figure, at this age? Come on, her son is about 12; that’s some age now. Regardless, she is a killer. 😉

Madhuri Dixit

Can you even tell that this gorgeous woman here, is the mother of two young kids? This stunning dancer, who came out as a brilliant actress back in the 80’s, has reached her 40’s, but has not aged even a day. Most probably, she has been ageing in a reverse order! Isn’t it?

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

I had always heard about grace coming with age, but this woman here made me see the youthfulness coming with age. I do not how does she do this, but she does. Jenny has aged like wine, the older the better.

Shilpa Shetty

hottest mom+shilpa shetty post pregnancy

Another yummy mummy from bollywood, Shilpa shetty has one of the most envious figures in B-town, and undeniably is a stunner. No matter that she has completed the glorious 41 years of her life, her spark remains intact; in fact her spark has increased in luminosity as she is ageing.

Halle Berry

Halle-Berry beauty secrets

One of the most drop-dead gorgeous actresses in Hollywood, Halle Berry is a woman of beauty and class. Her best aspect is that she has accepted her ageing, and god, how pretty has she aged. Her beauty secrets are something which each woman should follow; after all each one of us wants to age gracefully. Don’t we?

These were just some of the female celebrities who despite of being in their 40’s, do not look like they have aged even a bit. What do you guys have to say about these drop-gorgeous women?

Who is your favorite celebrity?

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