Celebrities Who are Slaying Airport Chic Look


Good day ladies!

deepika at airport look

I am sure you have been catching up on the latest Bollywood trends. But are you in sync with what these actresses wear while they are on the go. They keep on traveling and most of the times I see their pictures appearing in magazines and newspapers in their casual avatars which is even more interesting to see.

I am sharing here some of the killer looks that have been seen at the airports lately. All you can notice apart from their attires is their attitude being the center of attraction. I sometimes wonder how they handle so much of attention actually. Imagining myself in their shoes, I would actually be a lot conscious about the gazing stares that these people get. Amidst all the grabbing eyes, it sure is a challenge to maintain your poise and look stylish.

Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra airport look

Well the lady sure is making her mark both in and outside the country. I am sure you have not missed her recent look at the global awards. But if you see her at the airport, she would come across as someone who is simple and serene and dressed like a girl next door.

priyanka chopra airport styling

Her simple yet stylish attire with her composure speaks a lot of her simplistic persona. Jeggings with Jacket and spectacles are what she is dressed in and is simply rocking the look. Adding to her fit physique are her shoes which speaks of comfort that she seems to be cozy with.

Deepika Padukone

deepika padukone at airport

The lady with the oomph factor stays sexy all the time. She has ensured her oomph to be with her while she boards her flight. Her shrug, inside top and jegging all are adding to her look a lot.

deepika at airport look

I really like her style and the way she dresses herself up even for the simplest of times in her life. She is wearing a nude makeup which is also making her dazzle. I really am in love with her style of dressing.

Alia Bhatt

celebrity airport styling

The girl sure is leading her path way ahead of others in her movies and same speaks in her looks. Dressed in a ready to gym or straight out of the gym attire, she is rocking and ravishing as always.

airport look alia bhatt

She has casually dressed herself but the choice of vibrant colors of her attire and her shoes speaks a lot about her personality traits. She sure knows how to dress up for travel.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

kareena kapoor airport look

Well she sure is one woman with an I don’t care! attitude. Kareena’s dressing style is either too casual as is seen or she is dressed to kill always. The woman seems to dress up to kill all the time. You can never beat her in style. Her way of dressing here is just too awesome. You cannot just happen to ignore her at any cost. Her shoes, shirt and trousers are already something I am longing for on my next visit to a shopping mall. 😀

kareena kapoor khan at airport

Hope you liked the styles that I shared. These are some of my favourite celebrities as these are always on my list of followers all the time. I do know many other celebrities who dress to kill but these females are always in style and their persona is something I enjoy to watch over mine.

Kangana Ranaut

kangana ranaut airport look

This Badass Actress always take bollywood by storm. Her fashion sense and public appearance is truly commendable. Besides her intense acting skills, the magnificent actress loves to do contemporary look for difference kinds of occasions.

kangana ranaut airport fashion

Her airport look is very comfy and leads to easy and flow-y styling. She usually has been spotted in high waist attires.Her looks are fashion goals for every one.

Prachi Desai

prachi desai at airport

Prachi desai stepped into bollywood when She was just 17!. Her looks are so natural and eye catching. She can easily give competition to any teenager. Numbers of famous blogs raved about her uber chic look.

prachi desai airport

I love her recent appearance in AZHAR movie promotion and she has been spotted by paparazzi at mumbai international airport in beautiful navy blue polka dots jumpsuit . She has now chopped her strands and is rocking smart bob with grace. Cute ness overloaded right?

Do share your favourite celebrities and their style of dressing while they are not doing what they do the best- shooting for their films.



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