Celebrity Fashion-10 Times Kendal Jenner Shows Us How To Style A Black Outfit Like A Pro


10 Times Kendal Jenner Shows Us How To Style A Black Outfit

Hi peeps! Today,I am going to talk about Kendal Jenner and the way she has turned black into a new level of fashion statement. She has a unique way to style black dresses which needs a definite sense of fashion and style to impress one and everyone. Let me share the  10 Times Kendal Jenner Shows Us How To Style A Black Outfit and left us thinking in aspiration about the style she has exuberated.


  1. Black velvet pants and a matching top

kendall jenner black-velvet-pants-and-a-matching-top

Can you see the perfection of her statement velvet pants which are laced with a complimenting dangling belt and those shoes? She has perfectly worn it with a matching top which is totally giving her a rock chic look, isn’t it?

  1. Turtle neck black top with black trousers


You cannot afford to miss this look where she has slayed it too well. The turtle neck top looks just awesome, what do you think? Her shoes are definitely completing the all-black look!

  1. Mesh top with crushed bottom wear


This is one of her outfits during a travel through JFK airport. Look at the oomph she has created with her all black look perfect for travel which I am sure must be on a sunny day. Black really seems to be her color. You just cannot miss those leopard boots!

  1. Black brassier over a t-shirt


This one would amaze you as well since you do not expect someone like her to style white t shirt with a brassier over it. Her confidence sure is killing!

  1. Black sweatshirt and track pants


Her love for fitness is as good as her love for black. See her track pants and her sweatshirt which is just too ravishing! I never could imagine gym outfits to be this cool. No revelations but still stylish, whatsay?

  1. Black Jumpsuit


She sure knows how to steal all the attention.  The jumpsuit looks awesome and tailored just for her.

  1. Black skin fit jeans


This teamed with black shoes, black glares and a black bag, is just making black the only color that she is in love with. She looks too good and she seems to know it really well.

  1. Black Skirt and blouse


Well she sure experiments with her looks too well. She adorned this at the Cannes Festival last year and charmed her onlookers with her brilliant outfit.  Check it out!

  1. Black Sheer top and trousers


You cannot ignore this appearance of hers in a music award function back in 2014. She was a promising model back then and her popularity sure grew post this appearance where she was one of the best dressed females.

  1. LBD with a coat!


I purposely left this one for the end. Look at the outfit she has worn. A warm coat with a little black dress combined with white sneakers! Wow, who could ever wear that with this oozing confidence!


This woman sure has some different taste to fashion but whatever it is she sure knows how to carry herself well and how to impress those who follow her, like me and millions others. She is a youth icon to look up to if you believe in dressing the way you love to.



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