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Bollywood is the essence of glamour, fashion and trend for women across the country. When it comes to style, most of us look up to B-town beautiful ladies and hunks. Whatever they wear in real or reel life immediately becomes the style. They are the trendsetters not only in Bollywood but also in the fashion world too. So, let’s take a look at the latest trends of Bollywood:

Black Trousers: Have you heard of magic trousers? We just spotted a celeb-trend, black trousers in various cuts and fits. They look really chic though some of the celebs make fashion disaster too. 😀 Sonal Chauhan is looking elegant these black trousers paired with white tank top. Red lips and gold buttons worked well too. As for kareena, she makes this look a bit disastrous according to me. And I love the color blast against the black trousers done by Neha. Sridevi and Anushka are looking elegant but Sonam disappointed me. 🙁

Celebrity style_black pants-horz

Flag colors: Green, white, orange and blue paired together can actually look good without making you looking like the tricolor. How? See how celebs paired these challenging colors together. Anushka sharma’s traditional look in band baaja baraat was outstanding and the combination of three colors made her look more beautiful. But if you don’t have the shades of the tricolor in your wardrobe then play with accessories. Kareena’s heap of steel bangles has splashes of blue and orange. Also, there’s splash of orange on her kurta which is making her look elegant. Mallika rocked this independence look by pairing all four colors together.. yes four (see the blue rubber band on her braid). Who do u think looked better??

Celebrity style_tricolor

Front Fringes: Going for bangs is the easiest option to make if you want a makeover and that’s what our celebrities doing these days. The bangs are back, with a slight twist obviously and bollywood ladies big “bang obsession” can be seen.  I recently had haircut (front fringes) n I’m loving it.. 😀 It’s best haircut for ladies who don’t want to short their length but still want to transform their look.

Celebrity style_front bangs

So, what celebrity fashion will you try?? I tried the fringes, now it’s time to go for flag colors. 😀 😀

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  1. yeyyy 😀 I’ve recently got my new hair cut and m really loving how the front fringes transformed my look :yes: and totally agree with the trouser thing, must have in everyone’s wardrobe

  2. I had fringes too, they suited me so well. But it was so difficult to manage them. It was like there is always something on my forehead. 😀


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