Certifeye Rose Gold Glitter Eye Shadow Review


Hello, all glitter lovers!

This a post for all the girls who like to shine and dazzle. Though I am not a glitter fan but, this thing has stolen my heart. I found a number of great reviews on Instagram which forced me to buy this glitter eye shadow on Black Friday Sale.Also I have already done my first impression on this and several other shades which you can read Here

I am really happy with the results and I will review these for you guys too! So let’s begin.

What the company claims:

Limited edition hand blended glitter pigment in the shade jelly tot. Our mini glitter pigments have a variety of uses. Use on your skin, nails, or for crafting. Combine with products to create a dramatic and top quality effect on almost everything. These mini bottles of sparkle are guaranteed to brighten up anything and add the finishing touches to whichever look you’re creating.

Rose gold image 1


The gorgeous pigments come in clear bottle with a wooden- sponge closer. These sparkling pigments are really fine in nature and they look extremely beautiful. The see through packaging makes it even more eye-catching.The packaging is delicate but it comes in fully packaged in an off-white colour carton box to make it haul-able.

I got 5 gorgeous shades for me out of which today I will review the Rose gold one.

Rose gold image 4

By the name itself, the colour of the pigment is known – Golden. The eye shadow is pure golden in colour which goes well with any traditional Indian outfit. The particles are really fine and not at all chunky to look unsophisticated. Indian sarees and lehengas will compliment this colour the most and will look absolutely gorgeous on any skin tone or age group.

Rose Gold image 3

This can also be used on nails if we want to make it glittery and pop.

This is my absolute favourite among all the colours and I am sure it will be a universal favourite among all ages.

Another thing that I really like about this pigments is that it has no tint like other brands. I have tried Kryolan, Mac and Inglot but they leave a tint behind which I absolutely dislike. But this one appears so beautiful with all the glitter but no residue.

Rose gold swatch image

I am now totally obsessed with this one. It makes my whole traditional look so beautiful that even I sometimes say “Nazar na lag jaaye”. It gives me a great night-time look whenever I am wearing it which make heads turn.

I really recommend it to all my beautiful readers who, like me, are really not a fan of glitters! Use it one and I am sure you will thank me later.



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