Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin Review


By Adivaah,

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion India

There was a time when I had a bout of acne & my skin was sensitive to anything & everything, when I went to local Dermatologist she suggested the Cetaphil Cleansing lotion, when I expressed my concerns about using lotions & creams with so many chemicals, she said this lotion is meant for sensitive skin  & the local pharmacist’s assurance that this is very gentle & is also suggested by Paediatricians for babies made me try this. The Cetaphil Cleansing lotion is manufactured in India by the company Galderma.

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Review For Sensitive skin

What does the company claim about this Cleansing lotion:

Cetaphil Cleansing lotion is fragrance free and non-comedogenic. It has emollient properties , which leave the skin soft & supple. Its non alkaline pH of 6.3 to 6.5 approximates the normal skin pH and thereby does not disrupt the normal balance of the skin. Cetaphil Cleansing lotion is a non-soap & lipid free lotion that allows gentle and thorough cleansing without the irritation associated with harsh soaps and cleansers. It is specially formulated to be non-drying and non-irritating.

Recommended for:

  • Eczematous skin e.g. atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, hand foot eczema, diaper dermatitis.
  • Face of acne patients with normal to dry skin. (Though I have very oily skin, but it works magic for me)
  • Dry, sensitive and irritated skin caused by the use of retinoids and other topical anti-acne or oral medications.
  • Xerotic skin
  • Sunburnt skin
  • Any dermatoses where in the use of ordinary soaps aggravate the condition e.g. ichthyosis
  • Usage: Apply lotion & massage gently. Aviod  scrubbing your skin. Rinse with water or remove by wiping the skin with soft cloth or cotton or tissue. Ingredients:Cetyl Alcohol IP — 2.650% w/w,Stearyl Alcohol IP — 0.260% w/w
  • Preservatives– Methyl hydroxybenzonate IP — 0.10% w/w,Propyl hydroxybenzonate IP —- 0.05% w/wButyl hydroxybenzonate BP — 0.025% w/w in a lotion base with propylene glycol

cetaphil cleansing lotion India


  • Price: Rs. 115 for 125 ml bottle

My Experience using the Cleansing lotion:

After the bout of the acne, I started using this & honestly this is the very gentle cleanser that cleanses the face well without making it dry & itchy. I was of the notion that with so many chemicals this cleansing lotion would sting me before actually showing the effectiveness,but to my surprise this is the mildest of all the cleansers I have used. The instructions say we could either use this as a face wash & wash it off using water or we could use cotton or soft cloth. When I’m just washing my face in the morning or when there is no makeup I use water & when I have to remove make up I use cotton to cleanse it.

Cetaphil cleansing lotion for dry sensitive skin

Pros of the Cetaphil  Cleansing lotion

  • It is non-comodegenic & is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Gently cleanses the skin without stripping away the moisture.
  • It’s very mild & doesn’t sting or cause itchiness.
  • It’s Non-scented. Sometimes products with overwhelming fragrance can irritate the skin more.
  • Inexpensive! This will last for a month & half with regular use.
  • Easily available at leading chemist stores.

Cons of the  Cetaphil Cleansing lotion:

  • It has a medicated smell which may not be appealing but with so many plus points we can still ignore this.
  • Has methyl,propyl & butyl parabens but I’m still happy that my sensitive skin had no issues & loved the cleansing lotion.
  • Will I repurchase? Yes only if my skin misbehaves  🙂 because right now it’s back to normal & I don’t use it regularly.
  • Will I recommend this? Yes, if it’s already been suggested by the Dermatalogist, without any doubts you could go ahead, otherwise I would suggest consulting a Dermatalogist  before using this because a Dermatalogist  would know your skin type & prescribe accordingly.

Rating – 5/5



    • Sorry guys, missed replying yesterday, was hanging out :-))
      Yes Megha , it can be used daily or whenever you have severe acne too :yes:

  1. i have heard a lot about his, did not know it was this good though. is there another version for oily skin.? i really think i am going to buy this, will let you know if it works for me too.

    • yes ginger there is another version for oily skin. u should ask specifically for that. the label outside the lotion is a more brighter blue thn the normal one. but it stings if gets in contact with eyes.
      smell also a bit sronger ..
      but it is not that easily available like the normal cetaphil !!!
      its more of a foaming face wash.

  2. nice review adivaah
    this used to be my staple cleanser for a loooong period. Infact I have tried cetaphil for oily skin as well..but now the price has soared up !!!1
    but that one smells a bit strong.
    currently am using another one suggested by my derma.
    had a terrible breakouts and acne. so got a conuslatation with a derma last weekend. she suggested me a good face wash for acneprone skin. keracnyl.
    its too good and am loving it.
    i really love the feel of my skin after wash and also ocmplexion looks so toned healthy and firm ..

      • which one do u mean ANs?
        facewah which she prescribed is ‘Keracnyl’
        I ve already mentioned there in the comment .can give u more details once after reaching home !! its made in germany and quite expensive 375 or something !!
        thank god I get the medical bills reimbursed 😛
        otherwise she has given me acnesol a gel to apply on acne.
        some tablet antibiotic to be taken day and night on three consecutive days (sun Mon Tue) a week for three weeks.
        strange na 😎

          • me liked it . it has become my HG .
            i relaly like the way my skin glows after washing it !!!
            i shall buy it as long as I get my medical bills reimbursed 😛
            It has got a pretty smell Thiugh cwetaphil for normal skin doesnt have any smell…
            Try it Ans am sure u would like it ..

          • My derma gave me Cetaphil when she put me on Glycolic peels years ago…

            Keracnyl is good i heard. Would want to try that. Anu, its much cheaper than my 1100 Rs wala facewash given by my derma right now 🙂

    • one more thing . keracnyl is a bright sea blue color gel. its a foaming face wash. my derma suggested foaming face wash is good for oily skin !!

  3. Nice review. BTW is the cleanser like a face wash or like a cleansing milk? I mean like cream to remove makeup or like how salons massage cleansing product on to the skin before a facial?

  4. hiii….adivah i have been using cetaphil for almost 8 yesrs now….i started using it wen it costed 80 rs…and now the cost is 115 rs…may be 125 rs…
    and this is purely awsome…..since past 8 years i have not let any soapy cleansers touch my face…and i never had any acne problem as i have over sensitive skin….
    and secondly it doesnot contain parabens…..they are benzoates…..different from parabens…i can recomment it blindly….. :blush: :blush: :blush:

  5. hi…i used cetaphil 4 smtime too bt i feel that it does nt clean skin throughly….so hv started using mild foaming cleansers meant for dry skin…

      • it did work for me since its mild n din’t break out either….bt i feel that skin is nt throughly cleanses with this….i m using ponds age miracle cleansing foam now n its amazing….it cleanses thrughly and doesn’t dry out skin….u don’t feel the need 2 apply a moisturizer….n i hv noticed that it does removes balck heads frm my nose…it has microbeads in it bt they r nt enough 2 exfoliate bt they do help me with black heads on my nose…and i find whole range to be good in controlling acne and clearing face….it removed my acne marks in less time.hvn’t tried its serum yet…bt thinking of getting serum next time instead of night cream

          • ya its a good range…will advise u 2 use cleanser and night cream….day cream will b greasy 4 u….company has refuced its price now their prices r as under

            face wash- rs 215 for 100 ml….lil costly bt it gonna last 4 long time as a pea size is enough

            day cream and night cream – rs 300 for 50 ml…costly a bit bt i think they gonna last me 4 atleast 4-5 months…night cream is worth a try…

            apart frm this i hv loreal hydrafresh facewash…its good too….both these facewashes r mild enough to be used on sensitive skin…so rather than going 4 high end cleansers

  6. I heard so many gud things about this …my friend is also using ..am getting this once I finish my TBS face wash ..though it’s like 4 times expensive here than what you mention the price.

  7. every brand is doing like this……….. i hve brough this for my cousin sister which is studyingg…. after finishing it in only 15 days she told me that whole bottle was used by her friends so buy it again …. i was just shockedddd 😯 😯

    • :laugh: Friends have used the whole bottle, they will definetely thank your sister for introducing them to this product :yes: Nisha

  8. nice review…………..price is very much pocket friendly…………..i think this product and review is for Zara………she is very happy seeing a cleanser for sensitive skin like her……………. :-)) :-))

    • haan..although its not comparable to Lush cleansers, it wud b a gud cleanser to use in the middle sometimes.. 🙂 my sensi skin wud like this for sure..

  9. My sister had very dark acne spots all over her face and she has been using Cetaphil for over 2 years now and all her marks are gone and she has an acne free skin now…
    i have been thinking of trying it myself but i thought its a medicated face wash so not all skin types can use it…

    pls reply is it suitable fr all skin types
    mine is oily skin specially the nose and forehead region
    very acne prone too specialy on forehead

  10. yes its a superb product which not only mildly cleanses the skin but also reduce marks (obviously wth passage of time) and yes it also reduces occurence of pimples to a great great extent a must have product

  11. hi every one i was going through the reviews, i recently bought a cetaphyl cleansing lotion. My skin is very oily and very much prone to acne. I have used several facewash and cleansers but nothing worked. I recently used deep clean facial cleanser by nuetrogena and it was better than all the one’s which i used. My friend suggested me to use cetaphyl, but what i see is since my skin is oily it tends to make my skin more oily and i end up using neutrogena after every cetaphyl wash. So I wanted to know if anyone with oily skin have used this(cetaphyl lotion for dry and sensitive skin) and found the right results. Has it cleared up the acne? how long will it take to do so? This will really help me continue with it.

  12. Heya……..m Rt……..got vry oily skin n loads f acnes since lst 3mnths…. 🙁 …….nvr had em b4……..tried ctphil 4 a mnth……bt it dint wrk…….got terribl break outs………. :shame:
    ma derma prescribd me aczma soap…… 😕 ……..evn dat dint wrk………so nw he suggestd me ctphil oily skin cleanser………..m in a dillema….whthr i shud use it o nt……..

  13. hey can some1 plz help me .. i bought cetaphil cleansing lotion for sensitive skin but i had a problem regarding the usage .. plz tell me dat i can jst massage it on my face n dn clean my face with water at d same time only?


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