Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review & Swatch


Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review

Hi Guys

A few months ago I posted a Chambor haul post. I’ve been using all the products and I believe it’s a perfect time to review them.

First up is probably the most popular item in my haul, it’s the Star Candy Blush!



Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review+powder blush


Chambor describes it as subtle blush with silky long-wearing texture.

Cost– Rs.545/- for 6gms.

Ingredients :


Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review Ingredients+color of blush


My experience with Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy:-


  • Color:  Sheer pink with gold shimmer, it gives a nice glow which looks quite natural just like your skin has been sun kissed. It’s great for everyday wear, and when you want to show that you are naturally blessed with glowing skin all year round 🙂 It also can be used as an highlighter.


Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review blush+blush powder


  • Texture: It’s a powder blush but can be mixed with a moisturizer for a creamy finish; honestly I haven’t tried it yet. But I prefer the powdery version more.


  • Packaging: It comes in a royal blue box with the blush name on the side and ingredients on the back.


Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review Package+blusher


The product comes in a sturdy blue case with a chambor symbol in the front and the name on the backside.


Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review pan+blusher brush


The brush is not that useful but it can come handy when there is need to re-apply. It is quite light and sturdy and you can conveniently slip it into your purse, it also has a small mirror; ideal for the minor touch ups :-).


 Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy  Swatches:-


Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review Hand Swatch+blushers


In short Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy :-


  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for everyday/natural look
  • Travel friendly and convenient to carry for touch ups
  • Lasts for a long time and has a shelf life of 3 years
  • Easily bendable
  • Long wearing
  • No animal ingredients
  • Personally I feel it will suit all skin types

I know some of you have already tried this blush and would agree that it is not to be missed. And if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!


Have you tried Chambor Blusher 57 Star Candy Review ?

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  1. This is my favorite blusher come highlighter, its a unique shade and flattering for indian skin tones! you have taken very accurate pics of the shade!!!

  2. Hi!!! nice post.. i haven’t seen this product before i think it will do its job best as a highlighter..will try in hands soon..

  3. I recently spotted Chambor counter in one of the mall in my city, I think this blush will be my 1st ever product from the brand.
    Nice review Deepika, and loved the shade

  4. I have another blush from Chambor.
    I always passed this one … somehow felt the shimmer would be too much for the face. But looks like its actually good! Gonna chk it next time, Dipika.

  5. Hi, nice review and nice shade. I don’t know why Chambor doesn’t keep any matte shades in eyeshadow and blushes. I have their eyeshadow trio, but I feel the shades are really less in this brand 🙁


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