Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483 Review & Swatch


Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483

Hola everyone. So, I’m sure you guys have read my post on the introduction of the Chambor extreme wear transferproof liquid lipsticks and about how much they’ve impressed me.

chambor lipstick483

From the six shades that I’ve bought, I’ll start with the lightest shade in the lot.

Price INR 845 for 6ml

The shade number is 483 and it is one of the very few pink shades in the range.

This is supposedly their most hot selling shade as per the SA. The reason behind it, according to me, would be that this shade is something that everyone can wear.

About Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483

This is a universally likeable shade.

chambor lipstick reviews wiseshe

Shade: Chambor 483 is a brown shade with pink tone and has a dash of earthy tones to it. It can be a universally flattering shade and will look good on all skin tones.

This feature is consistent in all shades of this range, that they go deep over time but this shade in particular changes its form noticeably after a few minutes. It then goes on to become one of those old rose pink shades which is beautiful in itself but different from what it is on the first application. This shade either on fresh application or the shade that it becomes after 20 to 30 minutes, both are likeable and flattering.

chambor extreme wear india

The packaging of this range is a beautiful one. There is this glass tube and a twist up wand mechanism. The cap is black and the rest of the tube is transparent where you can see the shade through it. The shade that comes on the lips is not exactly that you see through the glass tube; it comes out to be different on application as compared to what it appears from the glass tube but it is a really nice packaging overall.

The only downside is that there is no name on the tube for the shade. There is just a number and it says 483 for this one. The tube seals well and there is no leakage of any kind as such.

chambor lipstick shade 433 435 436 swatch

This particular shade was a little spilled out on the inside when I opened it. The SA Heena in Select CityWalk Chambor boutique is the most disinterested SA I have ever met. She didn’t check the lipsticks, didn’t honor any offer running by Chambor with these lipsticks and had an unpleasant attitude towards the customers. The lipsticks are impressive but Heena you deserve a punch for sure!

My Thoughts about Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483

Anyhow, the texture is really really smooth and feathery light on the lips. It does not give you that squeaky dry feeling on the lips and still remains on its claims of being extreme wear, transfer proof lipsticks. The lipstick turns matte after around 30-60 seconds and it remains the same throughout after that. It is transfer proof; I had meals, I had water but it didn’t transfer on anything.

Chambor extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipstick 483 swatch

After say 3 to 4 hours, the inner side of my lips didn’t have the lipstick any more on them. So that is something I need to take care of.

The wearing time for this lipstick is almost the entire day. I wore it for more than eight hours and it has worked fine for me. The only thing is when you eat or drink, the inside of your lips will go bare thereafter.

The best part about this range is that it has gorgeous, ‘love at first sight’ kind of shades; almost all 18 are impressive. It has extremely user-friendly featherlight formula that does not bother you at all. These are perfectly matte lipsticks that would be a best bet on days when you don’t want to rush for touch ups or you want to survive the day with one application.

Chambor extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipstick 483 lip shade

The only downside using these is that the application needs to be practiced as it is a liquid lipstick. Once you get hold on the application part, you are going to love everything else.

This particular shade is a beautiful rose pink, “go to” shade that can be worn by anyone and everyone- to work, for evenings or to any place in summers. All hearts for this one. Go try for yourselves.

What I like about Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483?

  • Beautiful gorgeous pink shade
  • Very comfortable feather-light formula which is not bothersome at all
  • The body and packaging is likeable and sturdy
  • It has wearing time of up to 8 hours as per my experience; no irritation and no bad feeling on the lips whatsoever.
  • Almost all the shades are instant love

What I don’t like about Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483?

  • Application part has to be mastered or else you’ll end up having not so fine lip lines.
  • Fine lines are visible as with most matte lipsticks
  • Inside of the lips goes bare after the initial hours

Wiseshe Like meter: 4.8/5

Until next time, take care!

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    • Thanku so much Vrinda.. How are you? 🙂

      I even wrote to Chambor on their facebook page; they said they were sorry and would give a call for the same but I didn’t receive any call till date. These guys are too lazy!

  1. I hate the SA s who act like disinterested when I ask for something,.. really disgusting,.. In Sephora I get those almost every time,.. Coming to the the Chambor Extreme Wear Transproof Liquid Lipstick Shade 483, it is gorgeous,…

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