Chambor Eye Art Pencil Soft Smudge Brown Review


By Prerana,

eye pencil -Chambor eye pencil review

  • What does it claims –Eye Art Pencil is an all in one piece of art which gives you complete ‘total’ solution. It is a multi-purpose pencil which can be used as a liner, an eye shadow, shading of the eyebrows etc.Price –
  • Price – Rs 425/- for 1.5 gm, with a life of 3 years.
  • Packaging –The Eye Art pencil comes in a hard plastic carton written its shade no.2 and price on it, list of ingredients are not mentioned.


Chambor Eye Art Pencil review

The pencil has a soft smudger at its end which is the special attraction of this pencil. This smudger is used to create a soft smokey eye look.


Chambor Eye Art Pencil (shade no.2 soft smudge Brown) Review

  • Color –It is a deep chocolate brown color with no shimmers. It is completely matte and best for office and formal meetings. Can be used as a eyebrow pencil too.


Chambor eye art pencil

Texture of the pencil –The texture of the pencil is highly creamy, it glides as smoothly on skin as you can think of J but this creamy texture makes a little con of its creasing factor if you plan to apply it as an eye shadow. But but but…It can be a nice eyeshadow base (after priming lids of course) for an intensed smokey eye.

Chambor Eye Art Pencil (shade no.2 soft smudge Brown) swatches

L to R – One swipe, 3 swipes

  • Staying power –For a Smokey look, you need to apply 2-3 coats and then smudge so that the color does not fade away after a few hours. If applying as an eye liner it stays on the lids for a good 3-4 hrs then fades slowly. If you prime your lids then the color may stay up for even 5hrs.I have applied it to waterline as well and it didn’t sting, didn’t smudge on its own, its just like a brown kajal for
  • Pigmentation –Just one swipe is enough if using it as an eyeliner, it has a good pigmentation which stays for a good few hours..but if using it as an eyeshadow, you need to swipe 2-3 times so that dark chocolate brown color when smudged, will give sexy Smokey look

Chambor Eye Art Pencil  swatches Right side swatch smudged with the smudger



Is it a waterproof eye pencil ?

Yes it is waterproof, if you wash your eyes, its not going to get washed off but its not difficult to remove either, its highly creamy texture makes it easily removable with olive oil.


What I like about Eye Art pencil –

  1. It is a long pencil (I mean quantity is more than rest of chamber eye pencils) and life is of 3 years so it will go a long way.
  2. It has a deep pigmentation just with one swipe.
  3. It has a smudger attached to its end which is this pencil’s special attraction.
  4. It gives a nice soft smokey eye look.
  5. Waterline safe, does not smudge.
  6. Water resistant.


Makeup with Chambor eye pencil

One swipe of the pencil on eye lids and on waterline


eye makeup with Chambor Eye Art Pencil

Smudged the upper line with the smudger


What I do not like in Eye pencil–

  1. The cap is not transparent so if you have 3-4 shades of eye art pencil u won’t be able to distinguish colors from outside.
  2. For an eye pencil I think price is little more!
  3. If you have oily lids, you have t prime your lids even before applying it as a eye liner, nor it is going to fade away very soon.
  4. It will come off if you rub your eyes.
  5. Sharpening eye pencils are a hassle! It leads to product wastage sometimes.
  6. If eyes are not primed properly, it will crease very badly.

My recommendation –

This eye pencil is nothing great, nor bad. It is just a simply nice eye pencil with good color pay off. If I’m not wrong this chocolate brown color can’t be found in other brands, so if your pocket permits, and if u like the color, you can try it out.

For me, I purchased this pencil coz I was attracted towards its smudger, but I fell in love with the color as well, so I will repurchase it till I find a perfect dupe of this color in lesser price!


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  1. Hi Prerna! Nice swatches..I too luv the pencils with the smudger..And Chambor pencils r always well pigmented na. Btw, ur eyes r really pretty…which mascara do u use??

  2. Prerana the color is really pretty, thanks for the review.
    The pencil & smudge brush duo is looking cool.
    And OMG, you have such beautiful eyes, which made the shade look prettier(i’am sure you can pull off any color) .

  3. Hi prerana, u have beautiful eyes…. :laugh: 😀 :yes:

    The concept is really good to provide a smudger with a pencil. 😛

    I remember using one from avon. they too have a similar pencil & the price is also half :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :bye:

    did u tried that???

  4. nice one…!! just not sure if i can buy one of this here :-s
    caz all eye pencils i bought in past has no staying power 🙁

  5. nice review anamika ………..but i don’t like soft smudge eye pencil i like long lasting & smudge proof eyeliner pencils :-))


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