Chambor Eye Tattoo liner Review


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Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner Review

Product claims – Helps to highlight and shape your eyes to get the desired look. Be it natural sans make up look, simply subtle or dramatic fluttering eyes.
Helps define & shape the eyes giving a Dramatic, Subtle or Natural look.
Can be used both as Eyeliner & Eye shadow.
Matte Finish and in pencil form easy to carry & apply.
Water Proof Stay On & Smudge proof.
Vitamin Enriched: Vitamin E & A.
No Animal Ingredients.
Non Comodogenic.
Dermatologist Tested.
Opthalmologist Tested.

Chambor eye tattoo liner Review

  • Price Rs.325 for 1.15g
  • Available shades ET01 (Black), ET02 (Metallic blue), ET03 (Green), ET04 (Brown)

I have got the green colored pencil with me. I was on a hunt for eye pencils and when the SA tried this on me, I fell in love with it immediately.

Swatches of Chambor Eye Tatto Liner

Swatches of Chambor eye tattoo liner

What I like about Chambor Eye Tatto Liner

  • The pencil is creamy enough to provide a smooth application on eyes. Doesn’t tug or pull my eyes on application.
  • It has shimmer that doesn’t look OTT on the eyes. It is subtle enough for daily office wear.
  • The eye pencil can be smudged immediately on application for those who like that smudged effect.
  • Stays on for a good 6 hours on my eyes after which it slowly fades. But then I don’t have oily lids, and it may stay lesser on oily lids.
  • Smudge proof unless you keep rubbing your eyes. Also it is water proof.
  • Doesn’t give me racoon eyes if I accidentally rub it off.

I have tried it on my water line and it doesn’t sting my eyes



Eye Tattoo Liner Chambor


What I don’t like about Charmnor Eye Tattoo Liner

  • I always like thin lines but this one even on sharpening has a thick tip.
  • Not going to last enough because there is a need to sharpen for almost every 2 times.

Wise she rating 4/5

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  1. Hi Maha!

    Nooooo.. I was thinking of reviewing this . But you beat me to it with this lovely post

    I have the black version.. and I absolutely love it! I use it mainly for my waterline, so I dont face any sharpening issues.
    I think you can make it stay sharp longer by keeping it in the fridge.

    • Rajeshwari you can still review this as Anamika said :)) And thank you so much for the tip! I’m putting it in my refrigerator right away 😀

      • hi maha..i have a similar pencil from tips and toes which i bought in naidu hall da…
        it has almost all the plus and minuses of this product u reviewed..its 225 and needs sharpening..its called tips and toes STAY ON and its sparkling black..stays long and looks beautiful on any eyes…
        i read this and remembered that….

        • Are you from Chennai Faheema? Coz I don’t think naidu hall has branches in other cities 😀
          And I have seen the nail paints from tips and toes but not their eye pencils. Will definitely check them out next next time I go to Naidu hall 🙂 Thanks for the reco :))

          • yep basically from chennai and lived there for my 24 years except the past 4 months of living in allahabad since my hubby practices here and me too will join the hospital shortly…oh god, how badly i miss chennai;((

            • Oh wow! Only a few days back anamika was saying the majority here is from Chennai and you added one more to the number 😀 And even I was in blore for few months and how badly I missed Chennai then! For all of us, our hometowns hold a special place in our hearts na :))

  2. what is the color in the swatch Maha? sorry couldnt figur out 😛 😛
    OMG 😯 mujhe color blindness to nai ho gayi :silly: :silly:

    • You can sign up at with the same email id you use here, and upload any pic of your choice there. That pic will be displayed here whenever you comment with the same email id 🙂


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