Chambor Glitzy Lip Gloss Intense Shade 609 Swatches & Review


 Hi All,

 A  lot of us have been introduced to new brands thanks to Wiseshe and Chambor is one brand I’ve discovered because of it. For some odd reason I always felt the Chambor products were for elderly ladies and that I wouldn’t find the shade I want and that it would be far more costly then I’d like. So when I saw a review on Chambor gloss on Wiseshe I realised how lovely the shades can be and went out and bought myself a Chambor Gloss!  🙂


Chambor Glitzy Gloss Intense in Shade 609 Reviews


  • Quantity: 6.5gms
  • Price: 550 INR







Chambor has always understood women’s needs & has celebrated every aspect of Womanhood. Chambor is celebrating this Festive Season by introducing sparkling Glitzy Gloss with its two new series: Intense & Twilight which gives the lips a lush glamorous & sparkling radiance.

As the name suggests Glitzy Intense gives you a finish made of pure solid color.

Chambor Glitzy Gloss Intense in Shade 609 2





  •   Super shine Gloss with Intense color to brighten up your lips
  • Luscious, Moisturizing, restores suppleness
  • Non Sticky, Super Gliding
  • Adherent & long lasting
  • Antioxidant, Anti-ageing – with sunscreen


My Experience with Chambor Glitzy Gloss Intense


  • Packaging: This gloss comes in a tube form with a doe foot applicator like most glosses. The brand and the range of gloss is printed on the same. The packaging is totally sturdy and travel friendly. The screw top poses no danger to frequent travelers. On purchase, this gloss comes in a transparent plastic case box with the claims printed for easy reference.


ChamborGloss Intense in Shade 609 reviews3


  • Color: This shade can be described as a glossy medium brown. On my lips its shows up as a peachy brown. They do have shades with shimmer in it, bu ti consciously wanted one without any shimmers and this was my first choice Because its perfect for work and outings as well.
  • Texture: The first thing that strikes me when I think of the texture of this gloss is CREAMY!!! This gloss is so creamy that Intense is the right word to use for it. I almost felt like I was using a lipstick in fact! It glides easily and no gooping anywhere and totally non-sticky…What more could a gal ask for???
  • Fragrance: This lipstick has the the trademark coconutty fragrance. Reminds me of Bounty Chocolate! The scent is not jarring and fades in about 4-5 mins.
  • Staying Power: This lipstick stays for approx. 3hrs. My only issue with this is during fading. When it fades, the color disappears from my lips but a liner like line remains on my lips…So basically, I have a lip liner of sorts and nothing inside which is sorta weird. Have any of you faced this issue too?

ChamborGloss Intense in Shade 609 reviews3


  • Pigmentation & Coverage: This lipstick is totally opaque and covers any pigmentation on the lips. Its pretty creamy but doesn’t settle deeply into the fine lines of the lips. It gives me full coverage which I do like. One doesn’t need to moisturize the lips prior to using this since its super creamy and very moisturizing.
Chambor Glitzy Gloss Intense in Shade 609 Swatches


What I like about Chambor Glitzy Gloss in 609




  • No animal testing
  • No Animal ingredients
  • I love this shade. It isn’t too dark nor too light and is perfect for office wear.
  • It moisturizes the lips and doesn’t settle into the fine lines which is a huuuuge plus point.
  • Great for pigmented lips.
  • I love the Coconutty fragrance 🙂
  • Its non-sticky which I look for in all glosses
  • Its so opaque and creamy that I feel like I’m using a lipstick!
  • The packaging is very travel friendly.


What I did not like about Chambor Glitzy Gloss in 609:



  • Chambor hasn’t updated the new shades on their website.
  • Don’t like the ‘liner-effect’ on fading. But this may be happening only with me. Do let me know your opinion.
  • Staying power- 4/5
  • Texture:- 5/5
  • Pigmentation 4/5
  • Price vs quality -4.5/5 
  • Overall -  4/5
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  1. Haha.. I agree with a lot of your views.. Even i thought chambor was for the elderly women and i never had a liking for these kind of shades since Ive always felt such shades suit older women.. but now im in this phase of collecting these shades also! :lipstick:

    • hai na? i never used to go near chambor counter..not even for compact…when i was younger all auntyies used t used chambor so it kinda got stuck in my head that it was for elderly ladies and they wudnt have interesting shades..but when i dared to goto the counter and the SA swatched this shade, i was hooked…i havent seen a shade like this which interested me b4,,

        • u hav it too? do u by any chance face the same ‘liner’type of prob as i do?

          to maintain lips i dont do too much like i shud..i use a scrub once in a while and i always use gus lip balms…i alwys have 2 days in a week which r lipstick holidays 🙂 i dont wear anything except for balms then…basically i have very sensi skin and this extends to my lips too..i always get allergies and that the case with u too?

          • yeah i too face that lip liner problem….but before it fades, i reapply it………i love reapplying lipbalms, glosses……………me too gets allergies very often zee

  2. This is not in context with this review………I am a regular reader of wiseshe….and out of curiosity tried the Aromamagic Oxy pack which Zara reviewed…..It did wonders on my skin…..Thank you soo much Zara….and a spl thanks to Anamika for such a wonderful blog….

  3. I loves corals and nudes the best but now im diversifying my collection and experimenting since ive started to like browns, maroons and reds. This shade is so gorgeous.. You always somehow get the perfect shades Z :smug: shop for me also 😛 😛

  4. m not sure about sensitive eyes Ana, my bhabi looks like she’s been crying for ages, I gifted her a tattoo! yu sure know what sorta impression does it gives about her in-laws? 😛

    bu nonetheless,I love ’em! I’ve the dark forest green one!

    nd their mascara is nice,its one of my firsties! I’ve these glosses on my list for now,nd their flowing lipsticks as well,it’s got classy packaging !

    • Thanx Tanz…On comparison, revlon ones r high on gloss whereas these chambor ones can be mistaken for a lipstick too…so its not as glossy…staying power wise, i feel both r the same ..the only major diff is the gloss and the ability to build up the shade…

      in the colorburst glosses, i feel like u cant quite build…wot u see is wot u get regardless of how many coats u put..u cant lighten them or darken them much..but with this range in chambor u can do that…in the pic itself u can see i have applied it lightly…i could have made it darker as well …thats the main diff in my opinion..

  5. I have this shade and I love it. I want to get these glosses in other colours too.
    It is like a creamy lipstick put in gloss tube. 😛

  6. Hey Zee, such nice gloss! I like many things from Chambor. Their lip liners are very soft and lipstick texture too is awsome!

  7. Btw wanted to share somethin with you. I saw a BEAUTIFUL blush the other day and could only think of you! Its shade no. 03 from Diana Of London. You r gonna love it,[ i.e. if you already don’t have one]
    Its a fresh pretty pink/coral with subtle sheen.
    I so badly wanted it, but it was out of stock. Am gonna get it soon.
    Am not sure but you can chk DOL counters at Lifestyle or Westside there.

    • 😯 😯 😯 😯 Reallly???? its was that pretty????m gona note it down and check it out on my next trip…I dont have anythin from DOL 🙁 🙁 and now i want it badly.. 🙂 🙂

      So sweet of u t think of me ya… :-* :-*

      • Arrey every blush I see I think of you 🙂 😀
        And thinkin of you I’ve collected some 5 blushes in a week hahahahahahaha

        • wow! mere yaad me 5 blushes??? retailers wud be prud of me!

          but seriously, m so glad ur luvin them…which ones did u pick up?

          • I haven’t been able to use them successfully yet 🙁 waiting for your tute 🙂
            I’ve got Lakme earth rose trio, Color essence, Streetwear, Colorbar cosmic rose and Lotus. After collecting so many now I really felt like DOL was the BESTEST!!!!
            Haven’t invested in costly brands yet since I’m not sure how well I’ll use them 🙂 You and Ana, pls pls write about blushes.
            I also donno how it shud look when worn nicely… I mean shud it show or not or WOT!!!!
            Blush is somethin I wud have Never tried had I not read your reviews! Thank You :-*

            • Wow! u have a lovely collection Paddy! do use them…Watch some You tube videos also..they really help…ive learnt alot about makeup application from there..even if a pic tute is done u wont learn as well as if u see it…

              i personally believe blush is almost always seen if its a pigmented one…but yes it shud be blended in so that the transition of skin to color and back out looks natural and shud just not luk like an awkward block of color on ur cheeks…as long as u keep this in mind u shud b safe when applying 🙂

              now ur really making me impatient t see the DOL blush…i hope i can go into the city soon 🙂 🙂

  8. ohhhh my my how could i miss this ??

    awesomeeee Zara …. just amazinggg and your lips …. :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:
    god i must run away from here ……

    WOW a big WOW for the color and your lip swatch ….

  9. Oh Zeee…. finally a shade thats not pink 😀 Am louwin this color on you!!
    I too thought chambor was aunty brand… but now that I am one I guess I should try 😛
    I have heard a lot abt their lippies and glosses. Good investment kya??

    • haha! u kno Mals, i was waiting for someone to notice that…after a string of pinks, one nudish brown shade! haha!

      i have also heard alot bout their products but i have only2 things, their eye liners and this one gloss…nothn else..whatever i have, i do like alot…quality of each piece is very good and worth the investment.. 🙂

      • Eyeliners!! Wow.. good hai kya?? I want a dailywear eyeliner so badd!!
        Btw what Kajal do you use Zee? I am looking for something that doesnt smudge and stays long (the eternal quest) 😀 😀

        • eyeliners r really lovely..u shud try them…

          Kajal i use Oriflame and recently on Mitra’s suggestion i got Faces smudge-proof kajal! both r amazing! in terms of pigmentation, faces one is blacker..and both r smudge-proof 🙂 🙂

  10. Your blog is wonderful. 🙂
    And a loooooot of help to those girls who want to review things before they spend a huge sum on cosmetics.
    Many a times it has happened that I end up buying products which I never use.
    Getting to know the colors and texture before buying has been a great help for me.
    Thanks a lot 🙂
    I just wanted to ask if this Chambor gloss is very watery?
    I bought a Bourjois lip gloss and eventhought the color and texture is good, its very watery.
    Does this lip gloss give that look?..Like you have put oil on your lips?


  11. i bought this lipgloss couple of months back, it’s an amazing product but unfortunately i have noticed that the BRUSH APPLICATOR HAS TURNED GREEN OVER A COUPLE OF MONTHS!!! :-/ i have no idea why that happened… or was it green at the beginning itself?.. but i HIGHLY DOUBT THAT… do let me know if urs turn green as well, if it doesnt then i probably need to throw my away. 😥


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